What has happened to Nordstroms Rack?


Jan 16, 2006
San Diego
Several weeks ago the NR in San Diego moved their bags to a different part of the store. Ever since, their inventory seems much less, especially on the higher end bags. I asked an employee about it and she just kind of shrugged--like it wasn't true or she didn't know why. Someone on the Forum mentioned they are remodeling the store? Is this just happening in San Diego or are other NRs getting less inventory in bags lately?


Nov 4, 2006
Same here in Westbury, NY. There are hardly ever any high end bags except once in a while I see MJ bags..but never anything better than that.


springtime lavender
Aug 15, 2006
They moved the handbag section at my Rack (San Jose). The selection is much, much worse.


Couture Lover
Actually i go to the Westbury as well and the other day i returned a versace dress because it had a hole in it and a christian louboutin clutch all purchased for about 350 a piece...anyways when they saw the items they couldtn believe it was from this same store! so...they told me that usually all the good stuff goes to a Virginia store thats where the designer stuff is! the manager says she doesnt accept designer stuff..,this is totally horrible. and i go to that store like every few days since im always in the area! and the shoes...ICK....never anything yet i did see a few dolce and jacobs shoes but the dolce shoes always have marks on them! whats going on....anyways does anyone know when the next shipment is?


May 31, 2007
I'm lucky to have two NR stores near me, Chino Hills and Brea in Southern CA and both, on occasion, have had an OK inventory. I once bought a Marc Jacobs multipocket at the Chino Hills store for about $395, and they had about 4 in stock, and last week the Brea store had some MJ flats as well. I don't think they're moving the store around in my area, but I think around here, they try to send designer items to both stores...but that is just my opinion because I've found great deals at both locations. I've tried asking my sister because she works at Nordstrom (not NR), but I guess she doesn't get too much info on what goes on at the rack.


Jan 14, 2008
i go to NR in san diego too, and i guess it depends on what you're looking for but i feel like i've been lucky there lately. i'm not a hunt for anything high end, so i'm happy with the prada/gucci/fendi sunglasses, tons of coach bags, juicy tracksuits, designer shoes, and more that i've seen. i wish i had the patience to look through the jean racks.


Dec 21, 2007
Behind a Cactus
you read my mind lol I was just there yesterday and thought the same thing. I don't really shop there and I just decided to go and now I know why I don't ever shop there. It's a mess and they changed the store from the last time I was there and I don't know what's what. No high end items. I don't know how some people can find good stuff there. I can't find one thing!

Sometimes if I go to Nordstroms there isn't anything either plus I don't shop there anymore because everytime I go there I get the rudest SA's and they sent me a servious and I just put negative, negative & more negative. Whatever I will just stick to Saks and NM they do give somewhat better service depending on the SA's but sometimes I have some problems at NM (I even called a SA a ***** to their face but thats another story) but yeah whats been happening??

I haven't been able to find anything lately. Ugh maybe its a sign I should give up shopping for a while. I want to buy something but I don't see anything good to buy :confused1:


Nov 18, 2007
Blech. I went to the one in KoP once and was completely disgusted. Their idea of high end bags were The Sak (which are fine, but not my taste).

I just do SO much better in NMLC.


Mar 7, 2007
I just went to the Nordie's Rack in Oxnard, California last night. My fiance lives nearby so I went there, after going to a party at his house. Anyways, there is a lot of old-woman clothes...and in the dresses section, most of it is random labels. I did see one cute DVF, size 10, for around $120. Unfortunately I cannot stuff myself into that size. In the shoes, I saw some Cole Haan-Nike Air heels and flats. There was a pair of Kate Spade shoes in my size (10) but they felt like 9's! A few months ago I got a good score there-- those LAMB oxfords for $99. They were a bit scuffed, but I got them slip-soled and nobody notices the wee-marks anyways.


Dec 14, 2007
Alexandria, VA
Huh, if all the good stuff goes to the northern Virginia Rack, which would be Potomac Mills, I can tell you guys you're not missing that much. That's my Rack store and the quality and assortment of the handbags has been dissipating over the last year or so. There is occasionally something designer, but there's a reason things go to the Rack, and it's because nobody wanted them in the first place. I used to see the occasional Lockheart but no more. I did see a couple of Grysons a few weeks ago but they looked badly handled, along with some atrocious Betsy Johnsons.