What has been you all-time favorite MJ bag?

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  1. Hi Ladies -

    I searched and searched in the Marc Jacobs forum but couldn't find a thread on this topic...Mods, if this thread has been started before, please forgive me!

    At any rate, what is your all time favorite MJ (or MbMJ) bag or accessory?

    I'll go first - my favorite would have to be either my Acorn goat leather Venetia with the antique brass hardware or my SP 06 Black Stam. I actually get more compliments on my Venetia...

    Favorites, anyone?
  2. Does this include bags we own, or ever made by MJ?

    My all time favorite MJ that I own is hands down my Amethyst MP. It's just super functional for me, and the color is sooo darn pretty.
  3. I love my violet Sophia. It's like i fall in love everytime I see her. She's just a beauty and hopefully I will keep her forever :yes:
  4. For sure, my Putty Stam. I will be buried with that purse!
  5. I love the large Multipocket with silver hardware! Very hip but practical.
  6. I use my eggplant New Tote the most - it's my workhorse and just seems to get better with age. I probably get the most comments on my spearmint Venetia, but it's not my favorite. I think my all-time favorite (which I don't actually own...yet) would be a Blake in Peacock or Pomegranite. Or Maroon. Or Tomatoe. I'm going to cry now.
  7. Great point, thithi! I guess I was asking about your favorite as far as bags you have actually owned. Will try to edit my first post to reflect this!

  8. I LOVE the Blake in any color!
  9. My black Stella for sure.
  10. My favorite is my Peacock Stella. The bag I have been looking for FOREVER and cannot find is the original Grape Stella.
  11. I've never owned one, but my fave MJ bag ever made is the Lola from the terre line in red. :heart: Gotta love that umbrella pocket.
  12. As far as my personal collection goes, I surprisingly love my Eggshell Serena a great deal. It's an older style and apparently wasn't that popular. But it's so pretty, feminine and the perfect size for me. I also love, love, love my emerald zip clutch!!
  13. I think my tastes and preferences constantly evolve. My first MJ was the Stella, and unless I had it filled, being 5'2", the bag always looks flat on me. I then went to the Blake. I love the practicality of this bag with its dividers. Yet, for whatever reason, when I'm shopping, the bag slides off my shoulders. Makes me mental.

    I then got a Selma. Adorable bag! But, the lobsterclaws are ridiculously cumbersome at times. Fell in love with the Sophia next because it fit so well over my shoulder and had dividers. I find that I never zipper the top. The Sophia would be the *perfect* bag for me if it weren't so narrow. Yet, I still love this bag.

    I plan on getting a lg. multipocket in the next few weeks, and am sure I will love this one, too.

    But, I'm really leaning toward totes. I want one that will fit comfortably over my shoulder and NOT have the gold hardware.
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