What has been ur most outlandish shoe splurge???

  1. so, spending on Choo's, Rene's & Blahink's is somewhat common for me. But, i have to say my most extravegant to date has to be these Gucci evening wegde-ish heel i bought when i was 19 for $1500+tax. To date, thats kinda crazy for me. i haven't been able to beat that purchase yet. Not even my Rene's have beaten that! =)

    They are gorgeous! i have worn them once. They have black and white sequnces all over the wegde done by hand (well, so i was told)!

    I will post a pic! & i bought the matching bag which was over $2000+tax & it was just a small evening bag! LOL, but again to die for! well, worth the purchase! one of those items i love having in my wardrobe!

    so ladies - how crazy have u been? :graucho:

    (p.s. sorry abt the spelling errors - its a quick post)
  2. The 2 CL's I've purchased. That's alot for a girl who wears nothing but flip flops.
  3. Hmmm....the most recent splurge was my flat Lanvin knee high boots (the ones Kate Moss lives in!) which I got on eBay for $800. I can't think of any I've bought that were more than that
  4. I bought those Lanvins too - the sizing on them was huge though - I have a pair of their black ballet flats in a 41 and they're fine, but the boots in a 41 are swimming on me! I bought them on eBay too and paid $800, so disappointing, still love them though!

    My most outlandish pair of shoes were silver leather Miu Miu sandals with swarovski crystals all over them for €550 ($750) a LOT of money! I've only worn them once but they're real works of art - Cinderella shoes!
  5. Mine's really nothing compared to a lot of you ladies... $500 gold Jimmy Choos which I eventually eBayed
  6. Yes I agree! I buy 39 in the ballet pumps and have a 39 in those boots but they are way bigger, I don't mind too much as it means I can wear socks with them. Aren't they just yummy though! What colour do you have? I have the dark brown, really wanted the black but just couldn't get them
  7. I have the black - I was pissed off about the size though, even with socks they're far too big - love them too much to return or sell though! They're the perfect boot! :drool:
  8. Is an insole no use?
  9. Yup, have tried that too. I think my foot is probably a size 40.5 it's just that the patent Lanvin ballet flats I have fit a bit small. So, the boots fit far too big. Thanks for the advice though...

    I read your other post, I got my flats resoled, but it's a thick black rubber layer - we seem to be a bit short on quality shoe repair here in Ireland also!
  10. Honestly I wish I'd taken a picture of the pair that Matches had repaired for me. Even the manager was shocked! They put a massive thick beige rubber sole on the front, it was so thick the front was higher than tha back!!!
  11. Oh my - that sound dreadful! Can they give you a refund? I'd say if you took it to a good quality shoe repair place, they'd be able to undo the damage.

    I've had bad experiences with Matches online store already - would never shop with them again!
  12. I told them I wouldn't accept the shoes back as they had been destroyed and they gave me my money back, all £250! ($500)

    What happened shopping online with Matches? I wanted to buy a coat from them but the site doesn't accept the Matches storecard?? I e-mailed them and it turned out it was sold out anyway......:shrugs:
  13. Well, I had been looking high and low for these red Chloe flats and was thrilled to find them on Matches. I ordered them and paid with my credit card and was awaiting their arrival for almost a week, when I got a very short and unapologetic email to tell me that the shoes had actually been sold out.
    Such bad service - imagine to charge a card without checking stock! Never again...
  14. I get the feeling that is the norm with them as they don't appear to hold any web stock, it's just what they have in the stores which means their stock levels aren't automatically updated when someone buys......not great!