What has been showing up at your Outlet???

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  1. I have only been back a couple of weeks from a 3 month break, (work and health related:crybaby:). The nearest outlet is a day trip and I wanted to prepare. I have my eye on a new :nuts: Sabrina but truly love the original Legacy :drool: stuff. Thought I would ask what all of you have recently seen at the outlets before I plan a trip or should I just start bidding on Ebay.

    Man is it great to be back!!!!!:yahoo: I sure missed all of you.:crybaby:

  2. I've seen:

    Carlys in leather and fabric in lots of colors
    Zoe and Zoe wallets
    Amanda Satin accessories
    Madison leather wallets
    Patent Ergos for a STEAL, I got 2 for $50 a piece!
    Cranberry Barrets
    Cashemere tattersall scarves
    Josie Pouches

    I know there is more but I'm having a brain fart, lol, I say RUN to the outlets, I have never seen so many good deals as lately and so much is 50% off!!
    The deals at mine yesterday blew my mind... 50% additional off on almost everything in the store.
    Here is what I can remember.
    Zoe bags, wristlets, wallets
    Peyton's in patent leather
    Amanda Acc's
    Soho patent hobo and acc's
    Some sig. resort items
    Some madison wallets... Teal and Berry
    Lurex EVERYTHING, totes, mini skinnys, cosmetic bags, wristlets
    Ergo satchels for around $180... some where in there
    Lots of signature bags but they were so many, I could never name them all
    No Sabrina's yet, at mine any ways

    Best deals I have ever caught at a outlet and the new things at that.
    Best of Luck!!! Now hurry and go go go (lol)
  4. The Outlets are on FIRE right now!! They have tons of gorgeous stuff..
  5. What outlet are you going to? You might get a more a better idea of what's there from someone who made a trip recently.
  6. I got a patent leather bleaker tote for 134
    a legacy signature bag with purple patent trim for 134

  7. That would probably help, thanks. I really have a choice of San Marcus or Allen.
  8. I also would like to know if anyone in the Cleveland area has been to the Aurora outlet lately? I REALLY want a Pleated Ergo Framed Satchel (even though I know it's too big for me!) I also want the Leigh in Amethyst. Anyone know???
  9. I was going to say folks, this is already talked about in multiple threads, but this is more of a shopping thread then a main coach topic post :smile:

    Head on over to the shopping thread, I'm sure someone can help you find out what's at your local one to you!
  10. San Marcos is always better than Allen if you can make it down there. I have seen threads on both outlets recently. SM always gets a way better selection.
  11. They had lots of pleated ergo satchel's in San Marcos, TX.

    Farmer's wife...I looked for a bag similar to yours and they did have a large signature stripe (the plum patent stripe) for 170ish. Not exactly like your pic but close. I was thinking about hitting the Houton outlet!
  12. Thanks, I'll have to call to see if they have any colors I want. Now, if I can only find the time to make the 2 hour round trip drive.
  13. ITA with Bunny, you will probably find the info you need in the individual outlets shopping thread.
    Im pretty sure that there is a thread for the Allen outlet here already....

    The Leigh was never made in the Amethyst color, Raisin would probably be the closest colorwise to that....
    Your best bet in getting a Raisin Leigh at this point would (unfortunately) be Evilbay....
  14. DUH!! I'm such a ditz! I meant the Legacy amethyst shoulder flap style #12654. I do have a bid in on evilbay for a raisin Leigh, that's probably why I mixed them up.

    Has anyone seen the Legacy shoulder flap, I'm not sure when they were in the boutique.
  15. You can find a lot of Allen info in the Allen outlet thread. A lot of us go pretty regularly and post what we find in the thread.