What hardware with fuschia ostrich birkin???


Which hardware for 30cm fuschia ostrich birkin?

  1. Palladium

  2. Gold

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  1. i'm trying to finalize the specs on my order.

    30cm fuschia ostrich birkin. i decided ostrich over croc because fuschia croc availability is uncertain and going to take A LOT longer than ostrich.

    now i just can't seem to decide on hardware...

    gold is pretty and unique but palladium seems to match better with fuschia.

    my SA is going to call me tonight or tomorrow night to discuss.

  2. Palladium and only palladium...
  3. what does peanutbabycakes have?

    I would say gold.....

    but I know PBC has one...
  4. I think PBC has gold hardware!! They both are gorgeous but I am leaning towards Palladium!
  5. I voted Palladium but both would be stunning.
  6. Palladium!
  7. I prefer palladium. :smile:

  8. i voted for palladium, it gives this bag a young look, but gold gives it a more mature look, depends on what your style is
  9. My friend has a 30cm Fuschia Ostrich Birkin w/ GH and it is stunning! It really depends on your style...
  10. I voted PHW since it seems to be the preferred combo but my actual preference is the gold for a richer look.

    Pepper and ilovemylife, your bags are . . . . *thud*

  11. :yes::yes:
  12. I like both but prefer GH with pinks/reds
  13. My preference is certainly palladium with fuschia :yes:
  14. i love fuschia croc with palladium and f. ostrich with gold it givs it a lot of p´zazz
  15. wow, most of you think palladium through the vote. i think palladium is the safer choice. gold might be REALLY stunning though. it's so hard to say. i keep putting pink up against my gold hardware kelly and palladium hardware kelly, and they are both great.

    i tentatively told my SA gold but now i'm thinking palladium...

    i hate this indecision!!!