What Happens With Your Saks Gift Card You Got W/ New Bag If You Return Bag?

  1. Ladies I don't at all intend to be dishonest with Saks, that's not my style, but what happens to your EGC Gift Card you got along with purchase of your purse (if you got it on the "Event" day - Thurs) if you return your purse? Do they credit $ back the amount of the card, to your account? For example, if you got a Gift Card for $300 and the bag with tax that you return is $2300, do they just give you the credit on the bag being returned, for $2000? (this applies also to if you spend the ECG card on something else AND THEN return the purse?

  2. at most places you would lose your discount if you return.

    they'd credit you back what you paid and that's it, the $ from the discount is usually lost at most places
  3. ahhhhh thank you Swanky
    well, if i return it, will give card back :angel:

    have great relationships with SAs there! and if do otherwise, Coco's spirit would cast bad spell on me
  4. if you return the bag, they will ask you to give the gift card back as they can tell you got a gift card by looking at the receipt (they stamped the receipt). they won't let you keep the gift card, you will hand it back to them, and they will not credit you the amount in the gift card b/c technically you didn't make a purchase during the event anymore.