What happens with missing FedEx package?

  1. I need advice... I've never had a missing package before. I ordered from Eluxury, and the FedEx tracking says it was delivered yesterday, but I've looked all over, and I don't see the package. Normally, the driver tosses it over my back gate, and it's fine. I've never not gotten a package from FedEx. UPS once delivered a package a block away to a neighbor's house (such a hassle!).

    I called FedEx, and they have opened an "investigation" -- do I call Eluxury as well? How do they "investigate" when it's hard to prove I didn't get the package, and it's my word against the drivers? How do these things get resolved?

    The good thing is that it wasn't a very expensive item, only a couple of small gift things, but this is really scaring me off ordering online anymore.
  2. Eluxury should have insured the item with FedEx, so they will probably check with the facility and/or the driver. Once they investigate, either the package will be found and delivered, or Elux will have to file a claim, and they should send you a replacement shipment.
  3. Thanks, greenpixie. I am hoping it was accidentally delivered to a neighbor's, and they will be kind enough to bring it to me. Otherwise, I hope it will be resolved quickly.
  4. If you ask in eBay forum there may be some more ladies who can help there. Good luck.
  5. thanks. I'll try that.
  6. Oh, that's a disappointment! I'm sorry that happened to you. I've had a few things misplaced by FedEx including a package from ELux. I've always been fortunate enough to have FedEx find the package within a day or so.

    It probably would be a good idea to call ELux too just so they know for their records that you never received it.

    Good luck! I hope you get your purchases soon.
  7. Thanks so much. I hope so too!
  8. MissMary, Definitely call Eluxury. It's their responsibility to follow-up with FedX and either send you a new item or reimburse you. They haven't fulfilled their obligations as a vendor until the merchandise gets into your hands.

    If Eluxury refuses to respond in a dignified manner file a charge-back request with your credit card company. That will put an end to it.

    You should also keep a detailed record of everyone you talk to at FedX and at Eluxury. Date, time, name, what was said. You may need that if your credit card company asks for more information.

    I had an unpleasant experience with FedX when a driver misdelivered a package. When the package showed up on FedX tracking as delivered to my residence I called the retailer--and this was a major national retailer. They told me it was my problem (not true, it's theirs) and to contact FedX. I called FedX. The driver called me and admitted that he had left the package on the front porch of an abandoned house a few blocks away. He remembered the empty house distinctly and why he didn't stop to check the address on the box is beyond me. He gave a sob story about how FedX was going to make him pay for the contents of the package and tried to wheedle out information about what was inside. I thought oh-oh.

    I visited the house. The driver re-visited the house (so he said). No sign of the missing package. Not surprising as it was on a busy street with a porch that was just steps from the sidewalk.

    I called the retailer. The retailer said they would reimburse me as soon as they filed an insurance claim with FedX and got their money. When they filed the claim FedX denied it, claiming that the driver had signed an affidavit insisting that he had delivered the package to the proper address. The guy lied so he wouldn't get his pay docked. Figures.

    At this point the retailer told me tough luck, babe. Not our problem. So I filed a charge-back with my credit card. Faced with charge-back fees from the credit card company for merchandise that was never delivered, the retailer buckled and refunded my money, end of drama.

    But in the course of this saga I probably made a couple dozen phone calls, and had some pretty surly go-rounds with customer service people. It was a huge hassle and an aggravation.

    This episode has certainly made me more reticent to purchase anything by mail-order. After that I called a couple retailers I purchase from regularly and who routinely ship FedX. I told them my story and asked what their policy would be if FedX misdelivered a package and the driver claimed he had properly delivered it. They expressed shock that any retailer would behave boorishly in such circumstances. They said that it's not unusual for packages to be misdelivered and claimed that in such instances they immediately ship out new merchandise. So they said anyway.

    I now try to avoid FedX whenever possible. Whenever possible I have packages shipped to me via US Postal with signature required. That may require a trip to the post office but I would rather drive there and chit-chat with their charming counter people (and I mean that with great sincerity :tup: ) than have to hassle with FedX again.

    I hope your package turns up, and that if it doesn't Eluxury responds in a gracious manner. They probably will.

    Please tell us how things turn out.

    Good luck!
  9. MissMary, Reorder whatever it was that was lost. The exact same thing happened to our neighbor. Her FedEx package was delivered to another neighbor, who we all knew as 'the crazy people'. And being they were 'crazy', who knows what happened to the package. The FedEx driver was at fault, but if your package was delivered to the wrong house they could also be 'crazy people' and you may never see it again.
  10. Thanks, BigPurseSue and h82bl82, thank you for the advice. Sounds like this is so common... I will call eLuxury to let them know. I thought FedEx was responsible, not the shipper, so this is all really good information. I will keep you guys posted.

    BigPurseSue -- what a crazy story about the driver admitting he misdelivered the package to an abandoned house. How do they hire these people???
  11. Yeah, it was really nuts. Why didn't the guy re-check the address on the box?

    Over the years I've received numerous mis-delivered FedX packages that were intended for my neighbors. I always promptly deliver the package to the proper address, call the neighbor if I have their phone number, and complain to FedX if I have time to wade through their telephone options and be put on hold. One would think that with their paycheck at stake drivers would be more careful to re-check addresses before they drop packages on steps.

    FedX told me that when a package is mis-delivered it's the shipper who must file an insurance claim and press for an investigation. Because the shipper is the one who paid for the shipment. The recipient can't file an insurance claim unless they paid FedX directly.

    And according to my credit card company it's the retailer's responsibility to get you the merchandise. If they argue that the shipper lost the package and there's nothing they can do, the credit card company can hit them with chargeback fees and those can be pretty high.

    Anyhow, hope this is some help. Good luck!! I sure hope your package turns up.
  12. wow, bigpursesue, that was some story on the mis-delivered package to an empty house.... fedex misdelivered my box a few houses up from mne.... the neighbor who i didn't know bought it to me. glsd the chargeback moved the claim along for you. it's a shame the retailer had to inconveninece you for fedex's mistake. eluxury sounds like a bad customer service retailer.
  13. That's a crazy story about the abandoned house! I cannot believe you were treated like that!!!!!!!!!

    missmary, I hope you get your package. I for the most part have lovely neighbors who realize I am a shopping junkie and will bring me my misdelivered packages.

    I did have one go missing with UPS. It said it had been delivered, but there was no sign of it. I called UPS, they said they would open an investigation and to call the vendor too. I called the vendor, they sent me a knew package and filed there claim with UPS and I guess worked it out amongst themselves.

    Good luck!
  14. My parcel went missing also, left a card then I phoned them to see about redelivery.

    When I phoned them and asked for the tracking number, they hadn't wrote it on the back of the card. So, the foriegner lady at the end of the phone told me to call another number which looked like a premium charge number and I told her were to go.

    When I asked for a refund, I was told it had already been delivered the following day - which it obviously wasn't as I wouldn't accept it after the hassle they put me through.

  15. This thread is three years old. I imagine it was resolved a long time ago for the OP.