What happens with Britney? Is she normal?

  1. Hi, i love Britney. I have all her albums and i love every song. Two years ago she was the superstar, she had perfect carreer. But then she married Kevin Federline. After two years she is pregnant twice, looks terrible, wears terrible clothes, still smokes when she is pregnant, drinks a lot. And she's happy. I thought that she is still nice Britney with beautiful smile on her face. But then i found a video. This video shows Britney eating pizza and talking strange things like this: " I think that travelling in time is possible." and she talks that she is ugly etc. I am sad about Britney. What happens with her? Where is old good Britney?

    here's the link of Britney video, YOU MUST SEE IT!!!: YouTube - THE ORIGINAL: Britney Spears acting very strange or STONED=

    Want know your opinions
  2. :wtf: What happened to her? Was she just putting on an act or something?
  3. Did you see the Matt Lauer interview? That said it all.
  4. The general consensus at another web board I belong to is that she's on X. Really pitiful, especially when you're expecting.
  5. Ok, that was just bizarre....and I think I found it even more disturbing knowing that she is a mother.
  6. i think that it all for the camera coz it is from her Chaotic DVDs.
  7. That's pathetic. I feel so sorry for her children, she needs to grow up.
  8. Quite easy. Brit's stoned. Big time.
  9. *sigh* Britney, Britney, Britney...

    It's a bonus from the Chaotic DVDs, so I think some of it may be an act and her acting funny, but I do think something's up too....
  10. She said her jaw hurts. Maybe she's on pain medication, or something. (Although, she's eating pizza, so . . . . hmm.)
  11. What happened? Versace, i too am (was) a huge fan of brit, i still listen to her music (i was acctually listening to born to make yo happy just yesterday lol) i get really sad now thinkin gof ner state and how she was, i remember being obssesed with her and having her posters on my wall, i would allways defend her when the media would do stuff, but as she became more and more trailer trash it got sadder and sadder, she used to be the cute littel 16 year old virgina in BOMT and then she got did opps and me against the music omg it so sad when i see that i have all her albums and nos she has wasted away to this!
  12. that video looks quite old, she looks alot younger then, probably 2-3 years at least!
  13. No comment on this one...
  14. hmmm weird
  15. Um, well, hmmmmmm. Strange? Yes. Don't know whats happening there..........