What Happens When Your Bestest Friend Is Moving Away???

  1. well....U take her out for a martini night dinner at yer fave restaurant............give her a martini.......maybe even 2.....
    THEN.......Take mortifying pics of her and post it on the PF.:yes::nuts:




    I now have to fly or drive out to Virginia once a month JUST to get our martini nights with u!!!!(U EVIL GAL U!!!!LOL!)

    PS----Keep the flaming chocolate fondue FAR WAY FROM HER......She almost lit up the place...ROFL(Yes.That is a marshmallow on fire!HEHEHEHEHE!)

    Paybacks are a BIOTCH.......ROFL

    OK..time for seriuosness here(WHICH is RARE for this JILL!LOL!)

    Jillybean and I have been buds for over a year ..thanks to meeting on the PF..she is like a sister to me.Martinis nights are the best with her...AND we even went to PARIS together...
    I shall be invading yer guest room ONCE A MONTH MS.JILLYBEAN..HEHEHE..your boyfriend better be prepared to deal with my frequent visits..(Poor guy!LOL!)
    LOves ya girl..:crybaby:Im so sad u arent going to be in the same state as of next week...SNIFF........:crybaby:
    This past year has been a BLAST with you in it!
    (and we must plan our next trip together soon...without a customs ordeal this time...ROFL!!!)
  2. So sad! But just think Jill - you can guys can meet up with the east coast PFers!
  3. HEHE!We are already planning a TYSONS meetup to do some shopping damage!LOL!!!!
  4. You go girl! :tup:
  5. Awe, that sucks! That your bf is moving.:crybaby:

    You guys always radiate your fun attitude via your pics on tpf. Hope this gives you both more of an excuse to get together and have more fun, wild and crazy times ahead!:drinks:
  6. That's sad when a good friend moves away. Where in VA are you moving to, jillybean?
  7. Awwww:crybaby: It sucks when friends move!
    Atleast shes not moving too far away!
    You guys have soo much freakin fun together.
    Im so coming for Martini night! lol
  8. :yahoo::tpfrox:and all friendships on here.
  9. You're so dead!!!! From now on all cameras are banned from our outings!!

    I'm going to miss your crazy butt too! :crybaby:We have a guest bedroom just for you!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we'll do another Jill&Jill Vacation Extravaganza soon too!

    @Purple-I'm moving to Charlottesville to get my PhD at UVA. Definitely no fab shopping there, though. Very upsetting.
  10. ^HEEHEE! I thought u had no computer HO?????

    WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Im so sad u r leavin soon....sniff.....
  11. Adieu adieu....parting is such sweet sorrow!

    So..does this mean you'll get tickets to the Va/FSU games??? ;)
  12. Awww that is too bad!!! Virginia isn't too far away though...she could've picked USC to do her PhD at!!!

    And Jillybean: Best of luck at UVA...I have several friends who are doing PhDs there in psychology!
  13. Jill and Jillybean... I still remember when you went to Paris together. I thought it was the coolest thing that the forum brought you together- just so amazing. Keep your friendship up!!! Things will be great still- you will just have more excuses to visit each other!!!!
  14. well, Megs is right at least you more reasons to visit Jillybean. You guys can do a whole of damage at Tyson's Corner!!:smile:
  15. OMG I am so excited to go to a school with a football team!! Emory had no football team so I'm excited to go to any game!

    Jill lives in my hometown, where my Mom still lives so she's going to have to put up with me for a long time because I will be coming home for visits a lot :tup: