What happens when you are sick?

  1. I understand that your metabolism "resets" itself -lower than it was before-if you don't eat for a few days. (that is why starving yourself doesn't work) But does the same thing happen when you are ill? If you can't keep anything down, does your body recognize that, or does it think you are starving yourself?

    I haven't felt very good for the past few days, but I have been trying to eat little bites here and there because I don't know the answer to the above. Do you know?
  2. Your body will know when you are ill. I think what you are referring to is the way dieting affects metabolism. If you have continually gone on various mad diets for a lot of your life and got locked into a starve/binge cycle for a lot of your life then eventually this does affect your metabolism. When you are "starving" i.e. on a severe calorie restricted diet your body thinks you are in a period of famine and therefore slows down your metabolism. When you then go and binge on calorific food your body thinks " wahay - time of plenty!" and holds onto every bit of energy and fat it can in anticipation of the next period of famine. If you do this a lot during your life it does eventually have a permanent effect - which is why diets don't work ladies!!

    We are talking long periods and not just a few days tln so I wouldn't worry, the absence of normal appetite during illness is normal and a way of your body coping and devoting energy to fighting the illness instead of digesting food! As you get better your appetite should return and you can take in the nutririon your body needs to heal itself. Make sure you get plenty of fluids - dehydration is worse than not eating and humans can go a lot longer without eating than without drinking. I know a little about this as i work as a nurse!

    Hope you feel better soon!!
  3. Thanks Katy!
    Your post answered my questions perfectly!
  4. That's okay tln - it's nice to use my professional nurses head on this forum for a change instead of my dizzy purseloving head!