What happens when you and the winner are out the item??

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  1. I sold a piece on eBay dropped it off at the post office and now they aren't able to locate it. What happens? Both of us are out the money, it was to canada. Do I have to give him the money back AND lose the piece?
  2. Sorry to hear you are having some trouble with a transaction Chag :sad:

    How did the buyer pay? Was there any insurance purchased?

    If it was by paypal, then you will most likely have to refund, as they would win a claim.
  3. yes, you need to refund the money if you did not purchase insurance with the shipping. you will definitely lose the paypal claim if it hasn't been delivered, so you might as well make it easy and pleasant for the buyer and just go ahead and refund the money.

    how long has it been? how did you ship it?
  4. If there's a chance that it's held up in customs, give it a few more days, Our postal system is so messed up it's not even funny. I've had stuff end up held coming over the border for like, three weeks. Hell, it costs more money to ship within Canada than it does to ship international! It's so stupid.
  5. First I would say how long has it been? Sometimes things get held up and you don't want to pay up to early.

    Then if the buyer doesn't recieve it you need to refund. It seems unfair that you have to be out the item and the money, but as a seller you are responsible for getting the item to the buyer in the condition it was described. Insurance covers you, not the buyer, and you should include it in the cost of shipping and insure every package.

    I hope your package turns up soon!
  6. Did you ship it insured or registered? In that case you can claim the value back from the post-office.
    Once I had a parcel from US which went astray for 4 months, before they returned it to the seller, then she re-sent it to me. (I was more patient thenadays, just waited it out...) Also one I sent to France (unregistered!) came back to me 6 weeks later - I gave a refund first, then the buyer refunded me again when I re-sent it to her.
    Normally they just turn up after a while.
    Good luck! :flowers:
  7. first, hopefully it was insured, next, give it about 30 days, third, if they still do not receive it, you have to refund money. it is your responsibility whether or not you listed that in the listing. hope it arrives soon though. usps can be slow. keep us updated!
  8. Oh Chag, that is rotten. Like everyone else, I'd advise hanging on to make sure it is really lost, particularly as my slowest deliveries ever have been to Canada and France - for some reason post to those to countries has been incredibly slow when I have sent things overseas. If it is lost, then I hope this is where insurance will kick in . . .
  9. I just had a Priority Mail Envelope take 14 days from PA to NJ. Some times the post office plain old sucks. They have no idea where the envelope was. I had to refund the buyer $840. Luckily the package showed up & was returned to me and I was able to relist. Lost about $100 total.
  10. Thanks ladies for all the help. The package was sent on the 28th of August. The buyer has now opened a dispute but the funny thing is the email to the buyer from paypal gives a description of the goods being sent and what was printed that I sent to her and in the dispute she states that the package was sent as a magazine (which I did do, trying to save the customs for her) but it doesn't say that anywhere in the email from paypal. How would she know that it says that on the package?
  11. She is probably saying that you sent her a magazine, not whatever it was you sold her. Since you put it on the customs forms you may be in trouble, it is mail fraud. You may have to refund.

    In the future, never lie about what is being shipped to save them money that is their responsibility.
  12. i had a parcel get lost for 6 months in canada once, i don't ship over there anymore
  13. I agree - that's WEIRD!
  14. could it be that they DID receive the parcel??
  15. I'm sorry to hear this Chag. This just happened to me. Same kind of situation, I sent something via airmail (first class, the buyer asked me to send it the cheapest method) to Canada, and the buyer opened a claim for it. I provided the customs tracking number and it wasn't enough that it shows it was accepted at my post office. If it doesn't show as delivered to the buyer, the buyer will win and you WILL be out the item and the money. :sad: Even if the buyer balks, from now on I will charge for insurance and not budge on the price of priority + insured postage costs.