What happens when the "allure" of a bag goes away?

  1. I was reading the "exclusive bag" thread and was wondering to myself. The only bags I really cared about were Coach and Louis Vuitton. Never looked at the other brands (Chanel, Gucci, Fendi etc. Just didn't do it for me. Yeah Hermes to but lets face it, I'm never going to have one of those.:crybaby: Now that I'm getting closer to getting my Lv collection getting started, I already took a look at my Coach bag and said "Eh, guess I'll sell you" because I know in my heart, I won't pick up my Coach bag to wear when I'll have LV's in the house. Also after spending so much on LV's I would want to get every pennys worth. Plus I don't go out that much. Also with the Coach for Target thread I think that just pushed it over the edge even more. Now will I get tired of LV? I mean will I ever look at it 5 or so years from now and go, oh it's just an LV. :sEspecially with all the fakes. I would hate to feel that way towards LV when really there will be no other brand for me to "move up to" KWIM:shrugs: Unless some new brand comes along but I doubt it. My mom says don't worry the fake phase will wear off, she said it was big in the 80's and then it stopped. But it doesn't look like it's stopping in this case. When LV makes a new style bag the fakers jump right on it. OK I'm rambling. Does this happen to any of you, or do you just love a certain designer forever. I'm hoping that will happin with me and LV. That's why I'm going to stick to classic styles, hoping I will still wear it when I'm 50.:love:
  2. my fave bag changes through time. but right now i've been falling in love with balenciaga for the last 2 years. although i'm still cheating on some other bags. when i go out, most of the times i picked one of my balenciaga bags over others.
  3. I think you should keep your Coach so you will be less likely to have the allure of the LV go away. If you tire of the LV for a bit, go back to the Coach, and when you go back to the LV, you will appreciate it even more after carrying the Coach for awhile.
  4. I think it's important to keep some perspective. Sure, maybe once you've had a Hermes Birkin you'll never go back, but this thought is for the rest of us ....

    When I joined this forum, I was primarly into hand-crafted and vintage leather bags. Loved 'em then... still do now.

    When I got my first "status" bag, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. When I got my 10th "status" bag, I though I'd died and gone to heaven.

    The deal is, there are some days when my more costly bags fill the bill, and other days when I wouldn't be caught dead wearing one, prefering something more unusual, more artsy and unique.

    You can love all your bags - just remember to take each of them out for a spin now and then so you don't forget how special they are!
  5. I think it's fairly normal to fall out of lust with a bag, no matter the price or the designer. I try to rotate so that everything old is new again. However, that first flush when you get the bag you have been dying for never comes back for me.
  6. My bag addiction started with LV but after I learned so much about other different bags I sold all my LVs because I didn't wear them anymore. I've always been a leather bag girl and very understated in my cloths style. I hate logos or labels on my cloths and after the first hype about the LVs I've got I went back to my usual style: bags with no label or at least very small and leather. I just own Balenciagas, Chloes, a Kooba and the last Lv which has to go. But I think that my love affair with Balenciaga will be for a long time because they just reflect my life style and there are so many beautiful styles and colours to choose from and the leather is TDF.
  7. Hm...I think that the key to it is not to OD one one particular brand. Mix it up a bit:smile:
  8. ITA! Each of my bags, from bargain basement to higher end has a special place in my heart.