What happens when H opens in new country

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  1. I'm curious about the views of the TPF members more experienced than me. I'm in this weird conversation with my friend from Warsaw who attended the Warsaw store opening and is convinced based on the conversations at the event that there JUST going to be a waitlist for B/K (she has no idea about the brand, just getting into it but would like B30). Also saw on instagram a lady from there who said 'countdown to B started' and showed putting electronic signature on SA's mobile (after buying a small item, no jewellery or anything major).
    Now - I just bought preowned B35 (overpaid but decided to do it after a research) and at peace. Wouldn't want though to learn I could have signed up for waitlist and get B35 or even 30 without any major purchases ( I have my wish list but want to pace it slowly).
    Apologies if I sound bitter but it's not the case (though I'm always the one who misses deals lol) - just genuinely curious whether H would have a different strategy in a new location where H is not really know apart from Birkins and the next store is 600km away. Would they rain bags at the beginning? Going there next week and will see myself I guess.
  2. When has Hermes ever rained bags for anyone or anything ;) The whole reason B or K are so sought-after is because they are limited and elusive. Sometimes they would rather put a Birkin bag on display as a bait than selling it to customers lol!! Actually, is it a perfect strategy to create this frenzy of "new store new bags we all need to shop there for higher chances to get the holy grail"?

    Since you have a wishlist of things, then try not to feel as upset about this. Unlike many people who just want a birkin and walk away, you now actually have another place to fulfill your wishes. Don't sweat that you purchased a preowned birkin and overpaid. Time is money, and it is especially true in Hermes time. The more time you spend in an Hermes boutique, the more money you will spend on other things without even noticing it haha! ;P

    Yes they don't have to spend a lot to get on the waitlist at this moment, but getting on the list does not guarantee a bag will come their way. You have to know that with this kind of overwhelmingly long first-day waitlist, the only way for SA's to choose whom they should give new B's and K's to is totally depended on how much money these people on the list have spent and will spend in the future with them. Trust me, it evens out.
  3. That's how I read the waitlist story :smile:

    My wishlist doesn't include B/K anymore so I'm totally relaxed. It's homeware, another wallet and leather/silver jewellery.
    I'm a bit still worried about overpaying as the B will need some SPA soon and yet I had to pay close to retail. But I also don't think I'd feel great with a brand new one - had K32 straight from H London and was freaking out about using it.

    Keen to see what happens. I felt a bit weird explaining to my friend that H game is not as simple as that and came across as a bitter person lol. I'm open to make the Warsaw store my 'home' store (currently mine is New Bond Street) as only in Poland `i feel at home (obviously as I'm Polish) and was treated more than well in LV and Dior there.
    Thank you for your comment.
  4. Struggle to see why having multiple SAs in different markets poses a problem to anyone, at least while the markets remain unconnected in the H system.

    As you know different SMs order different merchandise so it can be helpful to have more than one SA in different markets to establish and nurture a profile, increasing the chances of finding (or possibly being offered) treasures that make your heart sing !

    Yes a bit more strategy on spreading your spending between the two but no reason to stop visiting Bond Street if you have the occasion?

    Have fun in Warsaw!
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  5. Thanks for the advice. I find London to be just busy (my SA comes to work when the store is already busy and he's loved by the ladies and there's a reason for that :biggrin: but that doesn't give me a chance to spend more time chatting in more relaxed manner about next purchases, wishlist etc.).
    Hope H Warsaw will evolve (after the initial craze) into nice and quiet place like LV there where I had infamous evening buying bags and getting drunk on their champagne (with LV purchases and my Kelly arriving safely home, me less so:shocked: but overall that was fun- eventually found I was treated by the store manager who remained quiet about her position).
    A lot depends on how my future employment goes (hesitating between downsizing or staying in the game). If the latter, than surely 2 stores will be able to accommodate my needs :biggrin:

    I know this question was asked many times but don't remember the conclusion. The SA in Barcelona actually found and pulled my account from the UK though I didn't look whether she could see my purchases. Did they see them? I guess I'll found out in Warsaw next week as I need to bring some souvenirs from the new store :angel:
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  6. Oh I can relate in terms of really enjoying th experience in smaller settings. I think you are in excellent standing to start a great relationship in Warsaw given your history with the brand.

    I think exceptionally they can see other market purchases but somehow this doesn't restrict quota bag limits yet. So, not really connected per se.
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  7. I'm not worried about quota bags. Not keen to purchase more now and near future as i found I couldn't fully enjoy my bags when I had eg. 20 and kept buying. Have just restricted my collection to 8 of various brands (still quite a lot) and would like to spend time enjoying the rest of H world.
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  8. An even more exciting start in Warsaw then! I'm sure the SAs will be very happy to have you
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  9. If you are Polish and the new store is establishing their completely fresh client base, you don't want any quotas bags now, then why not support your local store for your wishlist items? Aren't they also cheaper than in £? Generally stores treat locals better and in this case that would include you. As your purchase adds up, they may be able to offer you a bag with or without the waitlist, by which time you might be ready for it. If I am not wrong you waited a little for the 32K and since you have had the boutique experience in London, then treasure and use that bag. It's no point keeping it new and freaking out about it, although I understand very well what that is like. It's easier to pop in regularly and have a chat with the SAs in Warsaw then travelling over infrequently, waiting to see your very popular SA in London for a rushed meeting and most importantly, competing with the huge number of established clients at Bond St. I think this is the perfect situation for you to start a relationship at your local store slowly, but surely. I hope this advice is useful.
  10. Thank you for your comment. All makes sense and aligns with my thoughts (only that I'm local to NBS as I'm married to the UK person but also can be local to Warsaw as I visit my parents frequently).

    The broader context to my doubts came from the discussion with the friend mentioned. She didn't think me buying used B35 was a great idea as her belief is that she'll get a B30 in Warsaw easily. I'm excited about my purchase (the bag is in great condition but also nicely slouchy making it less 'serious' haha) but I typically miss all great opportunities/deals due my impatience and was wondering whether I should eg. return the bag and go to Warsaw and waitlist myself. I don't like the idea of the game anymore so these replies are useful and giving me a bit more confidence about my decision to keep the B35 and buy H things I like.
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  11. Some people need to learn for themselves.

    Enjoy and if another quota bag you fancy comes your way, then make a decision about rehoming.
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  12. I don’t actually know what happens when Hermes opens a new store, but I would imagine they try to establish a regular clientele and there will be lots of exciting, fun events. Do keep us posted.

    Bond Street really is a great store, but ultimately we need to shop where is more convenient and more fun. If I visit Warsaw I will visit for sure... why miss an opportunity?
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  13. When Hermes opened its first shop in Beijing years ago, a relative of mine was invited to place an order for a B30 on their waiting list. She actually completely forgot about it until she received a call 3 years later! I'm pretty sure that the waiting list system doesn't exist anymore now that their shops have such strong clientele.
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  14. 3 years for a PO allocation is really long. Wow. :sweatdrop:
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    Have just learnt the fantastic news: the SA from other dept store with whom we shared our love for bags and was super kind to me (despite no commission there) and I hope to have been super nice to him has moved to H Warsaw. I couldn’t be more happy - first to reunite with a good mate and have excellent shopping experience (I’m not in the game for B/K but was worried whether it’s going to be like in London but it’s going to be awesome :nuts:)
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