What happens when a seller cancels a sale? Is the buyer, automatically, refunded?

  1. My question's in the title, really! :biggrin:

    Also, please can you tell me what emails are sent to the buyer by eBay and what they say? :shrugs:

    I'm asking, because a seller is claiming that she cancelled a sale (because she had to go on; 'an extended emergency aid mission to Africa') and that I received a refund (which I didn't) and that I also received a subsequent 'findings' email from eBay that, apparently, instructed me not to leave the seller a negative, as the sale was, effectively, cancelled (which I also didn't receive).

    TIA for your help! :flowers:
  2. Hi CHB- that is a strange one :confused1:.

    I have no idea about what happens if a seller cancels a sale- but if what she says happens is correct then it would appear that she hasn't actually cancelled the sale (either intentionally or otherwise) because you have received no notification.

    I would file a dispute (if you paid by paypal) and if she is correct in what she says, and did actually cancel the sale, this will all come to light, and be resolved, in the course of the dispute.

    Best of luck x
  3. ^ Hi ruby! :biggrin:

    Yes, very odd... :s

    I did file a dispute and then escalate it to a claim (with still no word from the seller) and Paypal found in my favour and awarded me a 'reversal'. No mention was made by Paypal of a cancellation and the only advice they gave me was a link to a page on how to avoid fraudulent sellers in future in their 'Resolution of Your Case' email (and I quote);

    'There you will find tips on how to avoid fraudulent sellers in the "Fraud Prevention Tips for Buyers" section.'.

    As I say, I received nothing with any mention of what type of feedback I should leave.

    Because I had not received an explanation, or a refund, or heard anything from her, or eBay, throughout the month I had waited before filing, or during the dispute and claim process and because she, also, didn't respond to the dispute/claim, itself; I left her a neg, to warn others.

    She then left me a retaliatory neg, which was the subject of another thread; 'Retaliatory Feedback Rant!' and also didn't reply to the email I sent her, after she had left her neg, in which I said that I was confused as to what had gone on.

    So, on the advice of other members here (on that other thread), I filed a case with SquareTrade, which has, finally, provoked responses from her, but, to my mind, at least, they don't seem to make any sense. :shrugs:

    The only thing I can think of, is that the emails were, accidentally, redirected to my Bulk Mail folder (due to an over-zealous spam filter, perhaps?); in which case, though, surely I would have still received the refund to my Paypal account, even if I hadn't received the emails?

    She stated in her initial response that, because I did not follow eBay's advice on not leaving a neg, in the subsequent 'findings' email they are supposed to have sent me after refunding me (but which I didn't receive, along with the refund), according to her, I 'did not follow ebay good practice'. :shrugs:
  4. Crikey that's some line she's fed you there!!

    eBay NEVER send an e-mail stating not to leave feedback unless eBay are the ones who've cancelled the listing. As they did not she's just lying
  5. ^ Oh, so if eBay themselves cancel the listing, they do send you an email which states that you should not leave the seller a neg?

    But if the seller cancels the transaction, after the end of the auction and after being paid, they definitely do not?

    Is it possible that she could have asked eBay to cancel the transaction for her (due to her 'aid mission')? Which I think is what she is trying to suggest.

    In which case, is it at all possible that they could have done so and if so, is it then also possible that they could have sent me a 'findings' email which told me not to leave her a neg, do you think?

    Or is that completely impossible? :shrugs:

    Thanks for your help, BTW, mooks! :flowers:
  6. eBay NEVER send an e-mail telling anyone not to leave feedback for a transaction. If eBay cancel a listing the auction is physically removed from the site and you aren't able to leave fb even if you want to as there's no transaction/auction to connect it to.

    The fact that you've been able to leave feedback at all means that eBay are not the ones that cancelled it, the seller did. She hoped that by feeding you that utter tripe you wouldn't neg her......she got that wrong!

    IMHO you did the right thing in negging her. I wouldn't be surprised if she's just peeved that her item didn't sell for more and simply changed her mind about selling it.

    Just as a matter of interest is she still selling despite going on her "aid mission"? Have you seen the bag you won relisted?
  7. ^ mooks, that's the ridiculous thing! This is all over a £1.70 + £1.95p&p Chloe hanger! :wtf: :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    She's not selling, now, no. :nogood:

    The other ridiculous thing, is that she has only started feeding me this tripe (if that is, indeed, what it is [and it is looking, increasingly, tripe-like, I must admit!]) after I filed the case with SquareTrade, which was, obviously, after I had left her the neg (and she had retaliated).

    Before I filed (even after I had left her the neg), she said nothing at all and didn't even reply when I emailed her.

    BTW, I, primarily, filed the case with SquareTrade to try to find out the truth, as she wouldn't reply to me any other way! :blink:

    She says that eBay told me, in their 'findings' email (whatever that is?) not to leave her a negative, specifically; not just to not leave her feedback at all. She says that they did so, because the sale was 'effectively cancelled'. :yes:

    I'm just trying to establish whether her position is, at all, credible and whether all this was possibly due to an honest mistake/technical glitch, or not.

    As if it was, I will agree to a mutual withdrawal of feedback, but if not, I can't, in all conscience, remove my deserved neg, just to have her undeserved retaliatory neg removed from my account. :nogood:
  8. ^ How did my holiday snaps get on here?! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Reported. :rolleyes:
  9. Chloehandbags, you did nothing wrong and you should report the seller as non performing seller. There's no way she can "cancel" a sale if you don't agree with it with the "mutual cancellation" form. she is just using Ebay as an excuse to her actions. Please report her. You have proof that you paid and the seller was the one that didn't comply with the transaction.
  10. She is making this up as she goes along. I wouldn't go ahead with the mutual as it's letting her off her hook of lies!

    Can't believe she'd go to all this hassle for the sale of £4!!

  11. Thanks, genie. :flowers:

    Please forgive my ignorance, but how, exactly, does the 'mutual cancellation' form work? I assume, from the name, that it's sent to the buyer and the seller and then, both parties agree to a cancellation; but are both parties then instructed, via an eBay 'findings' email to not leave any feedback; or to not leave negative feedback, specifically?

    If so, do you think it's possible that she has mistaken me for someone else and genuinely believes that I had agreed to a mutual cancellation and then have gone against the instructions of eBay, to not leave a neg? :shrugs:

    BTW, how would I go about reporting her as a non-performing seller?
  12. Once you agree with the seller, he (seller) sents Ebay a Mutual cancellation Agreement, then Ebay notify the Buyer, once the buyer responds and confirm to Ebay the cancellation, Ebay grants the seller the final value fees. But Ebay never instruct not to leave feedback. You are free to leave feedback.

  13. To be fair, I suppose I'm the one going to most of the hassle for £4, as I filed the case with SquareTrade! :lol: :upsidedown:

    Do you really think there's no other explanation, other than her lying? No technical glitch, or mistaken identity, or something?

    In a complete about-turn, after I got a bit miffed with her (for not accepting any responsibility and continuing to blame me and not responding to any of my questions) and said on the SquareTrade case;

    'I would like you to please tell Angela that if I do not receive an acknowledgement of her mistake and an apology in the next 24hrs, I will consider mediation over and I will wear my undeserved retaliatory negative feedback as a badge of honour; as it will affect me far less than hers will her.'

    ...she's now offered me the Chloe hanger for free, with free p&p (she did this just before I started this thread, so it's not because she's read it and decided to change her tune because of it).

    Here's what she said:

    "... I think that maybe I am being too principled here ...
    I do empathise with her to some extent having had several bad experiences of buying on ebay myself .... I actually think that this state of affairs renders the feedback profile in ebay largely unreliable as I am sure this is what happens in many cases. .... Amazing as it may seem, and I do lack common sense... I thought .... of (offering a) Chloe hanger, and so... if she still wishes to have it .... I will gladly send it to her at no cost.... Maybe this can then put this ..process to bed.... Regards, x"

    So now, having finally convinced myself that she was, almost certainly, fraudulent, insane, ignorant of the Paypal dispute/claim process and/or (and the most likely, IMO) too closed minded and/or arrogant to admit (perhaps even to herself? Who knows?) that the cancellation of sale she believed was made to me, never actually was (even though she now has the proof that it couldn't have been, in the form of the Paypal 'Resolution of Your Case' email I forwarded to her); I'm now back to being confused! :push:

  14. Ah, I see. :yes:

    So, she must be lying about that, then. :sad:

    Probably also about the rest of it, too, unless she thinks I'm someone else? But how can she, after all this?

    Even if she's only just realised that she's the one in the wrong, I think she should, at least, acknowledge that and apologise to me; not just offer me a free hanger (which I would never accept, as I'm not interested in freebies/possible bribes).
  15. The only solution that would explain her story is that both the employee of EBay who was supposed to send you an email about cancelling the sale and the employee of Paypal who was to give u refund, left their companies and went on the Africa mission with her, lying to her that her sale was sorted! :s:upsidedown:

    I dont see a possibility of it being either an honest mistake or a technical glitch ...file non performing seller...it doesnt matter if its 4 pounds or 4k she fed you BS big time and she deserves a big fat neg.