What happens to the Vernis pieces?

  1. They are patent leather, correct? Why is it that they get little spots of color? Do they also scratch easily?

    I can't decide between a red Epi or a framboise Vernis French wallet.

    Found this little blurb on Zappos regarding patent leather - is this what happens to the Vernis?

    Patent leather is susceptible to color migration when placed near other leathers or synthetic leathers for long periods of time.

  2. Yes, that is true. Also when placed against anything which has ink - newspapers, receipts, magazines.

    It does not scratch easily.
  3. Yes have to bit more careful with vernis. A lot of people have been saying they are more resilient than thought:yes:
  4. Thanks!!!
  5. I've got several vernis items- they dont stratch ever.
    They are polish in many layers so its very strong. There tends to be black grains embossed into the vernis leather that are unavoidable...
    If you choose lighter colors it does yellow with time.
    If it gets dirtied (which is barely does) I find it the hardest to clean!
    But if your thinking fram or fuschia french purse its fine. I had a beige and it was fine I never took good care of it.
  6. Just be careful with your items, and you should be OK! Just think of it like a fine sportscar's gloss... you wouldn't leave a soggy magazine or newspaper on it, would you? Lol!
    About the colors: I have the red (Rouge) vernis in the Reade PM. It is sportscar sexy red, with a hint of metallic sheen.
    I have the Framboise vernis in the Bedford. It is brilliant raspberry done to a high sexy gloss.
    Both colors will turn heads wherever you go. Get what you love, and enjoy your vernis items!
  7. The darker colors are more resilient to possible "damage". I had a Marshmallow Vernis that picked up some color transfer, but that was most likely because it was resting against my new black, unwashed pants. Other than that time though, after I learned to be a bit more careful about the color transfer, my vernis pieces have been fine. Both my beige and red have held up to use and some abuse.
  8. I'd love to own several vernis pieces in the future. Right now it's not possible. I love Red, Framboise and Fuschia the most. *drool*
  9. so basically its OK to wear dark colored clothing while carrying Vernis if its been washed a few times?
  10. Vernis leather is "porous" and permable to colour transfer, which is the spots. I'd try to wear something that you know won't rub off if you're carrying anything vernis.
  11. Oh! And don't wear brand new jeans if the purse might rub against them (true for most light-colored handbags, but thought I would include it here anyways).
  12. I have heard that the surface starts to crack like plastic when it's minus degrees outside, is this true? :wtf:
  13. I LOVE Vernis, it's much stronger than I ever expected, I've found that as long as you are careful near abrasive things that can scratch it or rub color off onto it you'll be fine....