What happens to Stores in Disaster areas ?

  1. Hi Im just wondering what happened to Louis Vuitton stores that were in Disaster area's ?. Eg. when new orleans got flooded...did LV get flooded and what happened to all the LV ?...also In bomb areas, what happened ?. I hope this question doesnt offend anyone who lived in these areas. Thanks :flowers:
  2. you know, that's a good question. i know that LVMH takes great care of their employees in trying to keep them employed in other local areas, or if the employees move (like New Orleans) to different parts of the country, to work in another store, or region, or factory.
  3. That is a very interesting question and one that I can't answer. I will check back to see if anyone does!
  4. I was also thinking places in War ridden countries, I know that LV does have some stores where Wars are quite common. This question has interested me for some time but Ive never thought to post it before this. :smile:
  5. Good question... I'll do some research. :search:
  6. Hello... I'm by the New Orleans store and they actually JUST opened September of 06!!! Took them a while to :sad: . Canal St. (the main St. in N.O. flooded a little, but I don't think it got into the boutique b/c it's elevatedd (it's in Saks) I know that that Saks DID catch on fire... not too bad, but it was all over the local news. I was so upset! I also heard that Vuitton was looted and people were reselling the stolen bags for dirt prices!!!
  7. Found this:

    Louis Vuitton's grand reopening in N.O. is Dec. 7

    NEW ORLEANS — Louis Vuitton has reopened its boutique in Saks Fifth Avenue New Orleans after being closed since August 2005.
    Louis Vuitton's "store team" is under the same leadership as before the closing with many associates returning to New Orleans, officials said.
    Louis Vuitton at Saks Fifth Avenue New Orleans has a new wood façade and will add sunglasses to the original offerings of leathergoods, women’s shoes and textiles.
    Louis Vuitton's grand reopening is Dec. 7. Louis Vuitton will donate a percentage of the event sales to the Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans. Since 1974, the Preservation Resource Center has revitalized and rebuilt New Orleans’ historic architecture and neighborhoods.
    Since 1854, Louis Vuitton has sold elegant travel leather goods. From 1997, with the arrival of Marc Jacobs as artistic director, it has extended its ranges to women and men prêt-à-porter, shoes, watches and jewelry.
    Louis Vuitton has an exclusive network of 362 wholly owned stores in 52 countries around the world. It has been a member of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton.
    Store hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 6 p.m. Sunday.•
  8. good info there!

    i am still interested in the original question though too!
  9. I've actually been wondering the same thing.. And if the stock gets saved and yeah, just everything about it..
  10. I know for a fact that the LV, Gucci, Coach stores in New Orleans were completely emptied by looters. A friend of mine was the manager of a store in the shops at canal, and once they got in to check on the stores most stores were looted.
  11. It's terrible that in a time of a serious crisis people were still thinking of money and themselves. It's just so sad.
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