What happens to past season Chanel bags?

  1. I want to find something from what I think is Spring '05. I know that they still had it at some Chanel stores around this time last year so how long do they hold on to stuff for? A year at most? And is there somewhere that a lot of the unsold stuff ends up (besides bluefly.com)?
  2. It depends on if they were 'novelty' or classic pieces.
    If they're pretty classic, they usually won't go on to the outlets, just may be in a cabinet not on display.
    My NM has bags that are definitely a few years old/past season, but not sale worthy as they're pretty classic still.
  3. I've never heard of a Chanel outlet...at NM we keep all of our pieces from past seasons, except for the 3 or 4 that go on sale once a year...the only timeless classics that i've ever seen go on sale are the tweed...
  4. There's only one Chanel outlet in the U.S. at Woodbury Commons in NY.
  5. There's a Chanel outlet in that big outlet in Southern California. They don't carry a lot of handbags though.

  6. wow i didnt know that the tweed bags go on sale!!