What happens to all the runway stuff ?

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  1. Hi, What happens to all the runway bags ?.
  2. GOOD q
  3. They get tossed. They're usually only prototypes. I think some go to journalists, from what I've heard, while others just get chucked.
  4. :crybaby: why throw them away?? i'll take for free! (i'll even pay $100.00) haha
  5. I 2nd that! :yes:
  6. i agree! :yes:
  7. awww the poor bags get thrown. The red and green miroir Noe, the Eye love you keepall :crybaby:
  8. im pretty sure all the runway prototypes get archived :yes: as for the actual runway floor stock that gets left over, they keep it on the shelf for about 2 years til sold. if not, they offer it to their employees for a huge discount. if it still doesn't get sold by then, it gets destroyed.