What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

  1. Can anyone tell me why I keep on seeing commercials on TV, promoting Vegas as the place in which you can pursue all the naughty and nasty things you've always wanted to do... and nobody will ever know about it?

    Is that really what the town wants to be known for? The cheating, drinking, gambling capitol of the globe? :rolleyes:
  2. In a word...yes. Las Vegas aka Sin City.
  3. I personally think that the saying is overplayed...
  4. Sure, but being a.k.a. and running dozens of commercials on prime TV for it, that's a big difference. :excl:

  5. This is going beyond the saying. This is creating a brand.
  6. Good point and you're right Vlad. Marketing the brand is the American Way.:idea:
  7. You're right...it's definitely a marketing thing. One of my coworkers left for Vegas last week and I made a comment about taking some photos and she just laughed and said no way, cause 'what happens....duh you get it.

    I love Vegas and can't wait to go again in September to celebrate my little cousin's 21st birthday. But we're definitely far from the 'sin city' type. I don't even drink! The waitresses just give me weird looks when I order a Shirley Temple. LOL =D

    I'm sure it's partly that whole wanting to get away with things, being someone different, totally getting away from the rest of the world. And it all stays behind when you leave.

    As if. :rolleyes:
  8. In the 1980's Vegas took a turn and tried to become a family friendly place, thus opening horrid places like Circus-Circus. That was a short lived trend, as the casino owners soon found that people who brought their kids were not as likely to loose their mortgage money as the folks who came for the fast living. So, it swung back to the "Sin City" mode and has won back the money spending crowd.
  9. Irishgal,

    Have you been to Vegas lately? Its filled with people and their kids. It is one of my pet peeves actually. Vegas is not a place for kids, period. My hubby was just there several weeks ago and remarked when he got home that he saw people with on the strip in 100+ degree heat with kids in strollers.
  10. I think Vegas is a bit overrated. I don't drink or gamble, nor am I much of a party girl. I outgrew it all fast (and I'm not even 21 yet!) :rolleyes:. If anything, I'd go for the shopping. But all that "Sin City - what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" mumbo jumbo just turns me off.
  11. I love Vegas, but I think we are accountable for the things we do where ever we are. There are no free passes on hurting our loved ones or breaking the law.
    Vegas shopping is great, the shows are fun, the food is amazing & the people are nice.
  12. It's especially naughty and nasty when you have money to throw around heheheee :angel:
  13. :angel: It doesn't stay in Vegas if you bring it home with you. If you know what I mean.
  14. I've never been to Vegas but I've heard so much good stuff about it that I'm sure I'll be slighlty disappointed when I get there. If I ever get there.

  15. I hear ya...