What happens in vegas, stays in vegas!

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  1. I went on a huge shopping spree..mainly clothes and body/bath..

    went for an LV..came home with a gucci! :nuts:

    i needed a work bag...and i got the princy medium (i think medium) tote......i think its a business casual looking bag


    should i exchange it for the new britt medium hobo?


    does anyone have these two bags? any pros/cons?

  2. no no noooooooooo i love ur bag its super cute!! keep it! n i wanna see the promise ringgggg hehe!
  3. I love both bags Rensky...i was choosing between the two last weekend and ended up getting a totally different one. I like the Princy a lot!!! Congrats!!!
  4. mzleah, what did you end up getting?
  5. no no no! Keep the princy, much classier!
  6. I like the princy alot better, bows are so cute. i not a hobo fan to much, i like both straps on a bag.
  7. I love both! But the princy would be my first choice. The new britt hobo is very light weight and doesn't hold a lot of stuff like the princy tote.
  8. I would keep the Princy Tote. It is so cute plus would be a very functional work bag too.
  9. Congrats!!!! I love both. So I am not much of a help. I love my New Britt.
  10. I love your purchases!! May i ask how much is the princy?cuz i am interested in getting one too............ugh............hope the price is high enough so that "I don't have to buy it"................hahaha
  11. Princy is better looking. I want one!
  12. I love both!!!
  13. Sorry I can't help you, I like both too :tup:
  14. i love the princy! =]
  15. i think it was $765 + tax.................

    it looked great when i tried it on!!! u should get it! :tup: