What happens in the "i'm over tokidoki" stage? Can I short cut to there?

  1. hey ladies,

    so, i saw the different stages of toki doki. i remembering being at stage 1 where i thought they were cute and i had one...and then i progressed through and collected a few more...and now, i'm at the point where i want more and more and more!

    my question is...i would like to circumvent the later stages of "i'm totally insane about tokidoki" and move past to the "i love tokidoki, i can have a few pieces that i love, but i don't NEED everything"....

    it would save me lots of time and money...any advice?


    so far...i have:
    - pirata canguro
    - notte bella (probably going to try and sell/trade)
    - inferno mm
    - citta bambione
    - l'amore bambino
    - AS ciao
    - spiaggia zucca
    - vacanze stellina (pre-order)

    can someone talk me out of the following please:
    - paradiso BV or cucciolo
    - tutti denaro, or any other print denaro
    - foresta BV or stellina
    - citta rosa bella or another style
    - inferno trenino or luna
    - trasporto dolce or campeggio

    help! :smile:
  2. The best thing to do is avoid the tokidoki forums. When I went on vacation for a week and wasn't online at all my toki cravings went away... and then I didn't get them back until I was reminded of it by coming to the forum and looking around online. This place is really makes you spend more money.
  3. here here!
  4. I have found myself at the stage where I'm back and forth about my love for Toki. I have found that if I spend too much time on this forum I get pretty sick of all the Toki. If I stay away for a little while then my love of Toki returns. But I am to the point where I don't need all these bags and I plan on getting rid of some. I also want to move on and buy other handbags. I miss leather.
  5. Avoid the forum is a good idea. I think I am over buying anything additional over than Vacanze, but that's only because I've finally bought everything I "wanted" from the previous prints, barring any fantastic deals that come my way.
    If you're trying to be more disciplined, then yes, definitely limiting your forum time and staying out of the collection threads will probably help. Good luck!:tup:
  6. At first I wanted every style in every print, seriously. I would browse eBay and everything would look tempting. I bought a bunch of things and resold them because I didn't really find the bag style useful or convenient for me (ie Gioco, Bella, Dolce, etc).

    Now I've settled to the point where the Mamma Mia and Stellina are really the only styles I absolutely love, so I don't even look at any other styles. I would like to have either a MM or Stellina in each print that I like, and my "accessory" pieces which are one BV and one Luna (which I already have and use), a couple of Denaros, and a Caramella.

    It makes browsing eBay a bit more boring, but it's easier on my wallet. :shrugs:

  7. I was also at that point where I want everything but then when i have them, I realised that many of the styles don't suit me so I re-sold them as my cc was over-max and I was struggling paying for it. Now I have decided the style and prints I love so I kinda only focus on those....
  8. Wow you have so much. Think do you really need more? That's what I did with transporto. Definitely ignore this forum and you won't feel the wants so much. Maybe try to think long term if this is something you'll love for the rest of your life.

    I got over it too because I'm 22 and thought about it. I'm a bit old feeling lol I will always love tokidoki and I will keep my bags. Perhaps for future kids to hand down to future kids. Maybe even eBay them but I still love my zuccas so much! :smile: I will still wear it occasionally. My l'amore carmella I will use to pieces! Great and cute makeup bag and I love it! I also love my inferno canguro I use for gym to tote around stuff (I don't usually actuallly wear it lol but sooo handy) Plus still love my pirata and l'amore even though I don't wear them but I like looking as well as have some other bags I hardly wore ^^* Tokidoki will forever be art.

    I have a worse addiction now on leather bags and have really spread out! I love the smell of leather :smile: Plus more bang for your buck.
  9. Hehe. I'm about 11 years older than you. :smile: And I have a kid too. LOL.

    Yeah, after I thought about it...I do have alot. I was at the mall today looking at the Trasporto and Tutti prints and guess what? I walked away with nothing! :smile: Yay! Not only that but I found someone to buy my Notte Bella. :smile:

    Thanks everyone! :smile:
  10. I think I may end up like you. I love Mamma Mia and Stellina! I went to try on some purses at the mall today and I crossed off some of the styles that I originally wanted. Since I started reading this forum and getting hooked on Tokidoki I hadn't seen alot of the styles in real life.

    The Dolce is not going to work for me. The strap is too thin. And I feel like that bag style really isn't me.

    The Cucciolo strap is way too thin for the size of the bag for me too. If I stuffed that bag with alot of baby stuff, I'd want a thicker strap, but that is just me.

    The Bella, I've found, is too small for me too.

    The Ciao Ciao is just way too big and flat for me! Although I can see how it would show off alot of the print. :smile:

    However, I really liked the size of the Campeggio in real life more than I thought!

    Thanks for the advice! :smile:
  11. I have to second what snapcat said...I took a short break from perusing the tokidoki forums and went to chanel (which is good because I can't afford the bags as easily) and noticed that the tokidoki collecting craze sorta died down...BUT, now that I've been back looking at everyone's growing collection, I feel this need to buy buy buy....this is so bad!
  12. I have found that by spending way too much money on Tokidoki bags within a period of 3 days, my lust for these bags went way way down.

    I went through the stages of denial (no way I spent all that money!) and anger (WTF! How much did I just spend again?). Then I realized I love to travel, and the Tokis were digging deep into my savings. That did the trick quite quickly, although I still wish for more Toki bags deep down inside.

    After Vacanze, I'll be done with it. I'm going to put my fumo zucca to the test. If she can survive the next 3 weeks, I'm going to get another zucca. If not, then I think it can be said that I'm over and done with it, and I'm ready for a new addiction.

    So I guess you can say that I'm already at that stage...:shrugs:
  13. Tokidoki is def. not over-rated, but w/it's popularity, i hope it doesn't go too maintream, with toki bedding, toki appliances, toki dish items made for kids.... i don't want it to eventually become a character theme sold in walmart... ya know?