what happens if...

  1. you like a guy but his best friend hates you?:confused1: i like this guy, but oh god you should the way his best friend looks at me and talks to me...it just screams "you aren't good enough for him" type thing...advice?
  2. He is probably just jealous...or likes you himself!!! There is only so much you can do...that is to be your natural, nice self...if he acts like an ASS the guy you like is probably no idiot, and will be able to see that you have done nothing but be friendly!
  3. When I met my now husband his best friend hated me. Guess what, they are not even friends anymore. The guy was a jealous little twit.
  4. Maybe ask him what his problem is?
  5. Just let it be for now. I don't think my guy's best friend likes me that much but we've been together for 6 years and he knows that we're serious. Are you dating him or his friend? Just ignore him.
  6. He's probably jealous that he has to share your BF. He may or may not snap out of it, but I'd just focus on your relationship with your BF, and not worry about his friend.
  7. ignore him tbh. just enjoy yourself with your bf. :smile:
    if things get really bad tell your boyfriend what's happening and I'm sure he can handle things from there.
  8. thanks ladies...fyi, he's not my bf yet.
  9. don't even bother with the best friend, most likely he's just jealous of your boyfriend and envies him plus has nothing else better to do with his time. my SO best friend dislikes me also and i can care less, he's not the one i'm with! all you can do is be the bigger person and not give him the time of day or waste any of your strength on him. good luck.:P
  10. Ignore him... if the guy is a good guy- he will not think about it and he will tell his bf to shove it.