What Happens if Your SA Leaves the Store Before PCE

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  1. Just a hypothetical. Let's say you go to a particular SA when you shop. The SA quits.

    Does another SA get their customer list? Does the manager handle it?

    Just a hypothetical (I went in to the Boutique Fri & he wasn't there - I didn't ask - maybe he was off).
  2. does it have to do with the SA or is it a corporate list that does pce?
  3. It's a corporate list, it has very little to do with the SA.
  4. this happened to me when I got my first PCE, my SA had left. I just used a different SA.
  5. i think if you go into a store enough, almost all of the sa's will, at the very least, recognize you. same thing happened with me- but they all pretty much knew me, so it wasn't an issue.
  6. I know most of the SA's in my favorite boutique and a number of them have helped me. If the store isn't busy we all chat for a bit-it fun to visit a Coach boutique! :wlae: