what happens if you send an item,

  1. but the buyer doesn't get it (or claims to have not received it)? they paid via paypal... thanks! (also, no insurance/tracking) thank you!
  2. If you don't have delivery confirmation, you are pretty much SOL. You need to refund their money.
  3. does paypal cover anything? also, what if i have the 'proof' that i sent it? does that matter?
  4. paypal sides with the buyer in these cases. always.

    if you don't have a tracking number or insurance, you will have to refund the money
  5. this happened to me and now I require insurance for anything over $25 and I require sig confirmation for anything over $100
  6. The only "proof" that paypal will accept is a delivery confirmation or signature confirmation number. A receipt for the postage won't cut it.

    What proof do you have?
  7. If it was sent by insured post (but not with tracking) you would need to refund the payment to the buyer and make a lost item claim with the post office to get your money back.

    ETA - sorry, didn't read closely enough the first time and now see it was not insured. Sorry, but you're out of luck and will have to refund them if they file a claim with paypal.

    I send all my items with insurance and some with tracking, depending on what it is.
  8. Yup, I agree with the others.

    Unfortunately you are SOL :crybaby:

    I ALWAYS including insurance and signature required (in my shipping amount) - just for this very reason!

    GOOD LUCK! I hope this works out for you in the end!
  9. Sorry this happened to you. No matter how small the item, I suggest that you always send it via priority mail with delivery confirmation. That way there isn't a chance that the buyer can say they didn't receive it even if they did. Sometimes you just really have to cover yourself.
  10. ITA... and there are people out there who are just waiting for sellers to make the mistake of shipping without DC so that they can get their $$ back. I learned this the hard way. Now I ship everything through Paypal or USPS click-n-ship so the DC is included for free.
  11. ugh... thanks!