What happens if you have unknowingly sold a fake?

  1. Hi ladies -

    I recently completed an auction for a Miu Miu bag (I am the seller of the item) and the buyer is now having doubts about whether or not the item they've won is authentic. As far as I know, this bag is authentic. I have no reason to doubt its authenticity - it was purchased through a completely legitimate shop (Bergdorf Goodman NYC), includes tags, and I have a second one of the bag in a slightly different colour and size, which I love and wear daily. Both bags are beautifully constructed and that, combined with the fact that they were bought from a reputable store, would convince me that they're definitely not fake.

    However the buyer of my bag said she got an e-mail from another Ebayer saying my bag was fake, and I don't see why someone would want to sabotage another person's auction - they would only want to help another Ebayer, probably. So now I'm wondering if I should be questioning the authenticity of the bag I've sold! I don't have a lot of experience with selling handbags, or the specific details of this particular Miu Miu (calf soft bow handbag), but I don't feel like I've done anything wrong here. I've been scouring the net and talking to other bag fiends (I work at a high-end store full of them) about problems with handbag authenticity and heard something about people buying authentic handbags, then returning fake ones for a refund (and therefore the authentic ones are kept). I don't know how likely that is, but if my bag is a fake, that's the only way it could have happened.

    I am a trustworthy person (yeah I know, anyone on the internet can say that, right? ;) ), absolute abhor fake designer merchandise (and would hate to cheat anyone out of their money), and have maintained 100% feedback over the past few years. I listed my auction as being authentic because I had no reason to think otherwise, but apparently that is being questioned by others.

    The buyer is in the process of sending me an International money order from Canada, and I haven't sent the bag yet. What is the best process from here? I have told this person that if they can prove the bag is fake, I will happily refund their money (and would just expect they cover the shipping to return it to me), although I don't think it would come to that. But what if I've gotten hold of a fake through a reputable source? It sucks because Bergdorf Goodman is in New York and I'm in San Francisco, so I can't just head over there and demand my money back.

    This buyer also has a history of non-paying, which worries me somewhat.

    Anyway, thank you, ladies for any help/advice you could give. :smile:
  2. Well, I think that it would be HIGHLY unlikely that a bag that you purchased at reputable store like that would have a fake bag.

    While possible, I don't think so.

    If the buyer has a history of non-payment, they may be questioning the authenticity of the bag as a plausible excuse not to have to pay.
  3. I doubt that your bag is fake as it's purchased from a reputable departmental store. Someone is either trying to scam you, or maybe the person who emailed her is another Prada reseller?
  4. Don't send her the bag! Just refuse her payment and, to avoid negative feedback, mutually withdraw/cancel the auction. You'll eat the auction fees but much better that than getting into some horrible dispute. Even if she threatens negative feedback, it's still worth getting one negative feedback than to fall prey to what sounds, to me, like a scam.
  5. Thanks for the comments, girls. I am so apprehensive about this whole situation. Mostly because I want everyone in this situation to come out happy, and I'd like to avoid negative feedback. This buyer seems somewhat sketchy to me for some reason, they are Canadian and have e-mailed me saying they want to buy this bag for their wife and want me to send it to Washington USA. Then he didn't want to go through Paypal because 'it would take too long to clear' and said he's sending an international money order.

    If I do end up getting an MO from him, I'm wondering whether I should cash it or just have it returned to sender, and not send the bag? I am moving to Berlin in 3 weeks and I really don't have time to be dealing with an ongoing eBay mess. I was hoping for a smooth transaction but I get a funny feeling about this buyer, that they're just going to be trouble.
  6. Bergdorf Goodman does not sell fake bags. the buyer is getting wrong info, some ebayers say that as they have buyers remorse.
  7. If you are having a funny feeling, trust your gut. Maybe he is looking for triuble. I think you should send it back, and don't sell the bag to that person.
  8. This is a bunch of scams rolled into one: avoiding PayPal, sending the bag to a different address, international money order....trust your gut! Don't accept his payment and don't send him the bag. He may send you nasty e-mails (all standard scam artist work) to pressure you to give in, but stand firm. This is not how trustworthy eBayers operate.

  9. Yeah, you kind of learn over time to just trust your instincts, period. So this probably shouldn't be any different.

    So at this point, it seems the best thing is to refuse his money order, keep my bag, and e-mail him telling him I don't feel comfortable selling to him? (Of course I could put it nicely.) I don't think English is this person's first language however, and I'm not sure my generous tone would be received as I'd like, ha. Yes, I guess one negative feedback would be not as bad as a whole big ongoing mess...

    This board is great!...thanks for the support.
  10. It sounds like a scam and if I were you I would report it to the ebay 'trust & safety dept'. (If you call ebay ask to speak to trust & safety, don't deal with customer service)
    Note that if it does turn out to be a scam ebay will zap the listing out of existence so remember to save your pictures and description.

    This has happened to me a couple of times in the past few months with 'buy in nows' and apparent account take overs. I was credited the listing fees, but had to call and request final value fees on both occasions.

    I would also recommend checking out goofbay.com to see what else your buyer has bought recently.
    Also I thinks it is highly unlikely your bag is a fake.
  11. Westiegirl, if I just refuse his payment and don't send the bag, then this can't really turn into a scam, even if that's what this guy's intent was.

    Someone tried to take over your account? Weird. Someone tried to guess my password also, shortly before my auction ended.

    Apparently this buyer has spent about $500 on cosmetics in the past month. Ha.
  12. I would be careful about the payment situation - cross it out and send it back to the seller via tracking - the good thing is that it is on them to prove that you accepted the payment.

    under no circumstances send them the bag - just sell again - safer and better.

    good luck selling
  13. It just seems so strange, does the buyer have decent feedback & does the money order look real? Communicate with your buyer and see what he would like you to do. If they still want the bag then wait for the MO to clear or take it to be cashed. Sometimes it's credited to your account right away and the bank takes a while to pick up on it. It just seems so strange that they didn't want to use paypal?

    Actually no one tried to take over my account that time, but I sold a couple of high end items to buyers who hadn't bought anything in years. I did the goofbay thing and saw that one of them had bought over $20,000 of shoes & bags in a day. I realized something was wrong and reported it to ebay.
    I did have my account taken over once though and someone posted a bunch of porn pics! I think I fell for one of those spoof emails, never again!

    Let us know what happens with you bag!
  14. As a former buyer I am certain that BG does not sell fakes...remember BG is Neiman Marcus...I would not continue with this transaction. By the way, did you purchase the bag yourself?
  15. This is so wrong. Your bag is not fake. PalPal clears almost immediately. Money orders can be forged and fakes. Counterfiet money orders are all over the place. If you were to take the money order, do not send the bag until it clears with your bank!

    I would cancel the whole thing. Otherwise tell him that he must wait 3 - 4 weeks for the money order to clear. (longer than normal, yes; but you want to be sure) Then explain that you only ship to confirmed address. Period.

    If he doesn't want to do that, then cancel by mutual consent. No bad marks for you then. You are the seller. You set the terms.