What happens if u don't want something u did a charge-send for?

  1. Are you allowed to exchange it for store credit at your own store? TIA!
  2. i would presume you can return it at any store.
  3. I think they'd let you have the credit at their own store yes.
  4. If it was a charge send from a regular LV, you should be able to return for $$ at any LV store. If it was a charge send from like a Saks or Macys LV, then only store credit.
  5. When my store's manager offered to put me on the list for the Miroir Lockit at the Bloor store, I asked what happened if I got the bag and didn't want it anymore. He simply said they'll send it back to the store and have my money refunded to my credit card (less shipping charged for having it shipped to me)
  6. Actually, I had an experience about returning LV that bought from Saks. The sa said that I can return to any Saks store (that have LV), and get my refund back (in 14 days). So, I did.

    I bought a LV bag from Saks Atlanta, and got refund to my credit card from Saks Chicago.
  7. Thanks everyone! I hope I can get store credit at my own store if I don't want it.

    And cute sig, Ayla!
  8. OK, now I am curious, whatcha get?
  9. I returned something that was charge sent to me,
    they had no problem with the return, but they still charged me
    the fees for shipping!!
  10. My SA never mentioned anything about shipping fees! :cursing:
  11. Yep, I still got charged for the shipping fees when I returned the item.
  12. Did you get it sent to your store? I know that if you have something sent from store to store, they don't charge shipping. I put my name down for the Nimbus PM today at Bloor and the SA took my CC info down and I asked her about shipping and she said no shipping charges unless you're having something sent to your house.
  13. ^^ Sometimes they ship to your house for free, but I assume that just depends on your SA and the situation.
  14. Yup, sent to my store. Phew. :sweatdrop:
  15. My LV is really small so there is a lot of stuff that they don't have. I really want a pair of shoes. I will have them sent to the store so I don't have to pay shipping! Thanks!