what happens if seller agrees to refund money, but then no longer exists

  1. as a paypal or eBay person? a seller agreed to refund money once the item was returned, but hasn't responded to any of the emails i have since sent. what happens if he disappears? anything, or am i sol? i think, sadly, i am done with eBay...i've had a great time with it until the past couple of months.
  2. I hope you returned the item with tracking and delivery confirmation. As long as you have the proof you returned the item and the seller received it (e.g. USPS signature receiving confirmation, which you could acquire copy online), even he/she doesn't cooperate, you could file a dispute with PayPal, or file chargeback via your credit card company if you paid the item with credit card.

    If you sent the item without any tracking, then I don't know if there is a way to claim your money back. Please keep contacting your seller and tell him/her you need to hear from him/her within 24 hours and receive the refund within certain hours; otherwise you will leave him/her a negative feedback. Hopefully your seller will get back to you soon.

    Good luck! Please keep us updated.
  3. ^ i did use usps delivery confirmation, and insurance. will paypal do anything if the person closed their account? can they? thanks...
  4. Do you have all the contact information from the seller?

    Did you try to email or call seller?

    It's possible the seller was suspended (are u sure this person closed the account on their own?)
  5. ^no- i don't know. would it matter?
  6. Since you paid this seller via PayPal, you could file a dispute with them and indicate you have the tracking and insurance record. If PayPal cannot help, including the seller closed his/her account, you could go through your credit card company and they are obligated to help you.

    My cc always asked for signature confirmation. As long as the package is insured, there is a signature recorded and you should be able to acquire it. That is the proof you use to deal with PP or cc.

    I think you have a very good chance to get your money back, even the seller closes his/her account.
  7. Definitely file a dispute with your CC company immediately. You will get your money back.
  8. ^okay- i do appreciate your help= this forum really is great.
  9. ^^kinda late, but yes please file with your cc asap
  10. I agree too, file a charge back with your cc ASAP! Good luck!
  11. If you file a dispute with Paypal and tell them you have returned the item, and give them the tracking number and delivery confirmation I am almost positive that they will refund your money.

    If their Paypal account is closed and you paid with Credit Card - again I'm almost positive you will get your money back.