What happens after I file a nonpaying bidder dispute?

  1. So I had an item that closed Dec. 31. The winning bidder has 0 feedback, but unfortunately I hadn't stated in the auction that zero feedbacks need to contact me first. But I did state that payment must be received within four days of the auction's end.

    It's now Jan. 8 and I haven't received payment. I had decided to be lenient because it was the holidays and perhaps the bidder had been on vacation. But since it's been over a week, I filed a nonpaying bidder dispute with eBay.

    So what happens next? I don't understand eBay's fine print -- it says I can get my listing fees refunded if the bidder doesn't respond, but I didn't see how long I have to wait before I can get my fees back. And is that something done automatically after a certain amount of days or do I have to file something again?

    And while I'm waiting for the dispute to clear, can I relist my item?

  2. You will not get your listing fees back, you will only get the FVF back. The buyer has 7 days to respond to the dispute, they can either respond that they aren't going to pay, or they won't respond at all and you will get your fees back. I don't relist items until the dispute is closed but I know of some sellers who do.
  3. Grrrr I just closed three disputes over the month of December. It is a waiting game!

    When you open a dispute eBay sends the buyer a reminder to pay. The email and pop-up message will remind the buyer that payment has not been received, along with simple instructions on how to respond or how to pay for the item.

    If the buyer does not respond to the email or pop-up message within 7 days, the seller may file for a Final Value Fee credit. The seller also becomes eligible for a free re-list credit.

    A free relist credit is NOT a refund of listing fees. You have to relist your item and if it sells ebay will credit the listing fees.
  4. So today I got a response from the bidder through the dispute:

    "Sorry, I recently lost my job and I can't afford to buy it right now but I will later. Plus I just got back in town. Please excuse me, this is my first time bit on ebay I did not know the rules.
    Sorry, catch u later. Thanks."

    obviously she's not paying and I don't want to get to name calling. But since she responded through the dispute, does this mean I can't file for my final value fee credit?
  5. :confused1:

    I would assume that since they are not going to pay, ebay will side with you - after all, it's right in their response. Oy, all they had to do was mark that you both have mutually agreed not to complete the transaction - perhaps you should pass along that info to the NPB so they can get out of the transaction and you can get your money back.
  6. I don't like how eBay has no way of forcing non-paying bidders to fork up the money.
  7. I wish that ebay at least FINED non-paying bidders for not paying--maybe have them pay the buyer's lost listing fees. Being able to get away scot-free certainly doesn't encourage them to stop being deadbeat bidders!