What Happened ...

jewelbear said:
Hi Y'all I'm so sorry that my removing my collection pictures is causing any drama. I felt uncomfortable with the fact that I couldn't edit my pictures and I didn't like the negativity there with the two people who for whatever reason didn't like it. I felt bad every time I had to skim over their sarcastic comments.
I can assure you my collection is completely authentic. I've been a collector now for more than 20 years. I have every intention of reposting new and better pictures, this time using a photo hosting site so I will have more control kwim? Again I apologize for any unecessary drama on my part. I look foreward to getting to know you all better (well most of you;) ) V
eta Yes Vlad was very kind in honoring my request.

No need to feel bad, there is no reason for you to feel patronised. I'm sorry you had to go through that. We are here just to share our passion and help each other out. It was a misunderstanding or not, I hope there is no hard feelings on anyone. And I hope you will still be part of this blog, you know we need your expertise!
I just want to make sure everyone remembers that things can be taken out of context over the internet all the time. Try to keep calm and cool! I am not pointing fingers, but we don't have live webcam/live chat to see eachothers facial expressions, body language, and non-verbal communication when we talk! So some things meant as a joke can be taken the wrong way.

We love all of you and want to keep the community running smoothly and keep everyone happy!! Again, if you ever feel there is a problem please PM Vlad or I first to try to resolve it!! :idea: