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  1. to jewelbear's bag collection? Am I crazy:nuts: or is it gone from the Showcase?
  2. I was wondering the same thing. I wanted to check out her awesome collection again to get inspirations, but alas, no luck.
  3. she was deceptive I believe{?}
  4. was she the one that was titled "my lv on a budget"? or something of that sort?
  5. wow, you think she was lying about all the lvs? thank god i didnt bid on the lv, but no she wasnt the one who had the lv on a budget
  6. Yes. I don't know why her thread was removed either... we'd PMed back and forth for a little while but she never mentioned it. I just noticed a moment ago!
  7. Ooooops!!!!!!!
    I take back what I said, I take it baaack!

    I got her confused w/ someone else and I'm REALLY sorry!
  8. Yeah, I think Minnie's thread confused us all!
  9. I wondered the same thing.

    IMO Jewelbears collection wasn't fake at all. She probably got tired of the drama and removed it. ;)
  10. You can remove your own posts?
  11. Vlad would do it for you if it were a reasonable request.
  12. Hi Y'all I'm so sorry that my removing my collection pictures is causing any drama. I felt uncomfortable with the fact that I couldn't edit my pictures and I didn't like the negativity there with the two people who for whatever reason didn't like it. I felt bad every time I had to skim over their sarcastic comments.
    I can assure you my collection is completely authentic. I've been a collector now for more than 20 years. I have every intention of reposting new and better pictures, this time using a photo hosting site so I will have more control kwim? Again I apologize for any unecessary drama on my part. I look foreward to getting to know you all better (well most of you;) ) V
    eta Yes Vlad was very kind in honoring my request.
  13. I'm sorry you feel like you had to remove your pics, V. :sad2: I apologize for drama on my part, too. I was a little too vehemently posting in your defense when it wasn't really necessary... I think anybody could see what was really going on without my help.

    I resolve to be less cranky! :idea:
  14. LOL int'l! Sorry you felt sad/bad in that thread :sad:
    Can't wait to see your new photos!
    I know if photobucket hosts them its very easy to remove them.
  15. V, I hope you will repost soon! I really enjoyed looking at the pictures of your collection and wanted to show them to my DH tonight (that's when I noticed it was gone:sad2: ).