what happened?


Sep 9, 2006
several features of the board disappeared for me this morning. all the arrows next to the options "my control panel, " "forum jump," "authenticate this threads," and so on have disappeared, so i can't access the drop-down menus. when i choose "go advance" to reply to a post, i can't change my font type, size, color, or choose any of the other options available,which means i can't attach pictures or add images to my post. i asked other members and it seems to be working fine for them. i'm at my work computer, so i'm almost positive there's no spyware or viruses as my company has a bajillion different software and runs daily scans for security purposes (i work at a firm with lots of sensitive info). i've cleared my cache. restarted my computer, and pulled tpf up on three different other browsers, and nothing seems to have fixed the problem. tried pulling up tpf on a coworker's workstation, and the problem occurs on her computer too. did i inadvertently change my settings? is there a way to fix this? help please!