What happened?

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  1. Why was tPF out for so long? :sad:
  2. They were upgrading the server I think.
  3. Web server vulnerability that needed fixing. And after installing the patch, one of the modules for the forum software went belly up.

    Thanks for your patience!
  4. I may have to put the forum on another quick downtime for about 30 minutes, in order to put all the modules back in place.
  5. Ummmmmm ok thanks! hehe
    I was wondering why nothing came up!
  6. OK...King Vlad!!!
  7. glad the PF is back! :yahoo:
  8. I have now concluded the updates, thanks for being patient.
  9. YAY!! TPF is back!! Thanks Vlad for fixing everything up! :smile:
  10. I thought I was Sofa King Banned!! LOL!! (not really, but still... ) ;)
  11. not sure what that all means, but thanks for updating this place! :smile:
  12. My DH came in the room and was teasing me hardcore b/c I couldn't get on here. He said "Oh now what in the world will you do with no PF?" (said in complete sarcasm :rant: :lol: ) I told him I would shut down his poker sites if he didn't stop teasing me :graucho:
  13. Ah! Thanks Vlad for fixing/updating everything, youre the best!
  14. Hahaha even I flip when it won't load and I know what is going on!!! Hahaha... it is good to go now- very powerful machine!!