What happened?

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    I guess there is no quick-fix when it comes to losing weight.
  2. when were those pics even taken?
  3. I can't believe how much she goes up and down!
  4. Yup. I saw some recent pics of her and she has gained back alot of her weight.
  5. She should be careful. Yo-yo dieting is very unhealthy.
  6. It must be tough
  7. Clearly she's got food/weight issues. Guess its better than Michael's issues!:yes:

    That really does suck for anybody & then to be in the public eye!?! UGH!
  8. Losing weight is easy. Keeping it is the real deal.

    4th of July this year in Miami.
  9. ^^ OMG, had no idea!!
  10. Wow, she really does go up and down. Maybe she should just accept the fact that her body wants to have more meat on it, and just tone it and dress well. She tries to force her body to be something it does not want to be. I feel badly for her.
  11. When I looked at the first pic, I didn't even recognize her. It must be hard trying to stay thin for her career and then gaining the weight back.
  12. Oh ouch, that's horrible. She keeps going up and down, up and down. That must be horrible for her body
  13. Wow, I saw those pics, and was surprised. She should be careful!
  14. She may just be one of those people whose natural body type is a little heavier than most. If that's the case, she should embrace it and dress to make it look it's best.
  15. I just wonder if she'll blame this on another movie role like the last weight gain...