What happened........???

  1. To all of the hamptons totes on coach.com the green, white, black, scribble etc???

    Also I was in Dillards the other day and I saw a small tote in GOLD!!!!!! I have never seen that color in stores or on coach.com It was style #10662. Real pretty!!
  2. I saw the scribble hamptons tote in all sizes at my outlet over the weekend...
  3. I guess many of those solid colored Hamptons totes were purchased for Mother's Day gifts. They are some of the most affordable bags. There may still be some available in Coach boutiques or dept. stores.
  4. i think their taking those bags out of stores now because i was in a coach store and macys yesterday and the only hamptons stuff left was patchwork & watercolor.

    i made a post about the gold bags a while ago and everyone figured they are department store exclusives.
  5. i didn't even notice until now
  6. I noticed that yesterday. i'm glad i got my blue when i did!
  7. does anyone know if these will make it to the outlets?

    I really want the white or green one and wish I had gotten it when I had the chance! :crybaby:

    Also, does anyone remember the pricing on these?
  8. WAAHHH!!!

    I bought my green one in March...haven't even USED it yet...was planning on breaking it out this weekend.

    don't ANYONE tell me how much cheaper they are at the outlets if that's where they went!

    The green one (large one) was $198

  9. I think I'm going to try and make it to my outlet tomorrow and see if they have it (I think they had it in black...? I don't remember) and if they don't I want to ask if they know if they are going to get it in eventually...
  10. I saw the gold one at my nearest outlet about a month ago. That green is to die for, haven't seen it there yet!

  11. If your looking for the white one, Costo.com has a few available......dont worry they are auth.:smile:
  12. Sorry I was in "Scribble Land" then and wasn't paying attention to anything else ;)

  13. lol not your fault. i love the scribble too.

    oo and the small solid totes were $178, the large $198
    the small sribble was $198, and the large was $218
  14. I saw the blue one at the boutique today. So they are still around in stores.
  15. Thank goodness!!! ... Next paycheck I might have to go check them out :graucho: