What happened today?

  1. When I click on a topic such as who's ready for a reveal, instead of words and pictures, etc., all I can see is typed words, no pictures, everything in it's own box, all the way down the page....hard to explain. Can anyone help me? Every person's response underneath is in it's own separate box. It's only back to normal when I click "View full version". I never had this problem before.
  2. Still having this problem? Try to refresh your browser and make sure you have the latest browser. I'll send Vlad this way
  3. Can you point me to a thread where this is happening?
  4. Ok Vlad...I know I'm going to confuse you even further!!! Sorry....anyway, I have in my bookmarks the following "Louis Vuitton (Archives) Purse Forum. When I click on it, I am led directly to posts numbered 1 to 250. When I clicked on the first post, I was able to read it, see pictures, etc. For instance, the first post now says "Vernis Alma Preference". I used to be able to click on that and then see it all in the normal way. Now when I click on it, I see what I forwarded to you. The only way I get to see it normally is when I click on (in bold letters) "See full version". It's just so weird, because it just started yesterday, after someone used my computer and used Internet Explorer instead on Firefox. My daughter says that should have nothing to do with it, but perhaps it does? Anyway, hope you can help. By the way, my daughter and I met you and Megs at both Rebecca Minkoff sample sales in the city. You took a picture of my daughter on her cell phone holding about 10 bags!!!

  5. Ohhh that is hysterical, I remember ya'll very well. :roflmfao:

    I did make adjustments to the archives, but I am baffled as to why your bookmark is pointing to http://forum.purseblog.com/archive/f-13.html as opposed to http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/ - which is the proper link to the LV forum. You may want to update your bookmark and then you'll be good to go. :tup:
  6. Well, I do understand what you're saying. The only problem is that the way I had it bookmarked, the first post that I saw was new. The other way, the first post could be from last year, with pages of posts, ending with a post that is very recent. Sorry if I'm confusing you. When I bookmarked the archives, the first post could have been written two minutes ago. The other way it's sort of repetitive, reading old posts where people respond today. Anyway, if I can ever get back to the old way, I'd be very happy. Maybe it's my computer....maybe it will turn itself around eventually;);)