what happened to the thread...

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  1. with the picture of the speedy with the hearts on it? I've been looking everywhere for it and seriously searched all day for it and cannot find it. Can someone please help me look for it? TIA!

    *Sorry mods if this is in the wrong place*
  2. Is it a real LV?
  3. no it was one someone on the board created I remember it was soo cool
  4. yup that was it. i just cant find the thread.:crybaby:
  5. bumped it
  6. I would love to see a picture, I bet it's real cute!
  7. never seen it... sure it's authentic?
  8. nope its not authentic. A member on here created it.
  9. THANK YOU so much! I really appreciate it. :smile:
  10. ^^cute!
  11. Wish LV would make that!
  12. I would totally buy that & with the Azur line as well. Maybe the heart instead of the blue square.
  13. The thread was closed, as this one is too.

    For future reference, instead of bumping the old thread, it can simply be PM'd to the OP. ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.