what happened to the Theda?

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  1. a couple of years ago the theda was a really hot. I can't even find it online now. Did they stop making that style? Was it a limited edition or was it just discontinued. Thanks.
  2. i think certain styles where limited but i think the mono & mc where just discontinued love that bag!!
  3. I agree that the Theda was one of those things that you thought were cute at the time but didn't buy. Then, when it's discontinued, you want it! :p

    Karen has a cute one, but I wanna see one in MC :yes:

  4. i love the theda in black mc...it looks goreguess with a patina!
  5. My aunt had the mono Theda PM- things always fell out the sides :upsidedown:
  6. I have one, love it - nothing ever fell out. Its great.
  7. I agree the patina is gorgeous on the Theda, I never seen a Theda with very light vachetta even at the store, I think they were sold with an established honey color.

    Anyone as more infos?
  8. Does it fit well on the shoulder? Or is it more of a handbag?:idea:
  9. The GM fits over the shoulder pretty well for me. I love it in the white MC.
  10. I'd love to get one...in MC.
  11. Yeah... too bad it was d/c'd... :crybaby:

    IMO: It looks better in the GM size.
  12. i love the Theda. too bad it's discontinued :sad:
  13. Agreed :yes:
  14. I have a mono theda - I don't have problems with things falling out all though I heard that before - I just set it down always so that it is standing up (I don't lay it down) and the bottom is very sturdy . . .