What happened to the Sticky Threads on Hermes forum?

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  1. Until a couple of days ago there were several sticky threads on the main Hermes forum (like there still on Chanel). These seem to have been "unstuck" and now are all mixed in with the rest of the threads. Was this intentional?
  2. Yes! I just came here to ask that...
  3. You should check with @mistikat about that.
    We had a lot of our stickies released in our forum as well (BV).
    I think maybe the stickied threads had become so large that they were obscuring the rest of the threads. I know that a lot of our stickied threads were ones that were posted in the most, and the thinking was that since they were "bumped" or posted in more often, there was no need to sticky them (they would always stay at the top of the first page)
    Maybe that was your moderator's thinking as well? :flowers:
  4. With the new platform we've realized a few problems across almost all subforums. Finding certain areas is hard, people aren't sure where threads go, where to ask for an authentication, etc. So we're working on cleaning things up and moving some things around!

    I'll be sure to have each area mod start a thread to let you know what's moved or merged and why!

    And majority of stickies are almost always super active so sticking them isn't quite as needed because they are always bumped. A sticky is better as an alert or a thread we want to be sure to easy to find.

    Hope this helps!!
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  5. TU!
  6. Megs, thank you for the explanation, and I do understand the thought behind the change, BUT, the stickies really are helpful, and are sorely missed. May we have them back???
  7. They aren't all gone! What were doing is making sense of everything, collapsing some subforums within forums, then we can reevaluate. Which thread(s) do you miss most in H being at the top?
  8. Megs, I have the same issue as CG. At least Sticky Chat and Cafe for their on going conversations. Some of us check frequently enough, even if not posting at that moment or joining in the current conversation, that it's a nuisance to have to scroll through posts of no interest. for example: "Should I buy my 10th red bag or buy a blue one instead" kind of thing before we can find out what happened to our friends in Chat or the Cafe.

    Checked just before typing this and one of the other former Stickies is already on page 2, so they don't all stay current enough to be easy to find.

    One plus to all the Threads, however, is the green NEW box, helps in scrolling!

    Thanks for all the hard work that went into the new Forum and for continuing to monitor the implementation. Reassuring to know you are all out there.
  9. Ya we're here and listening! Let me talk to @Vlad and @mistikat about these threads. Do you know how to follow a thread? Def would be helpful in a situation like this!
  10. We do know how to follow threads, but what we want is to be able to open the Hermes Forum (or VCA) and know instantly if there are new posts. Not having our old threads as Stickies, just adds extra steps that are making the Forum more cumbersome.
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  11. #11 Jun 27, 2016
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    I understand the issues and don't know what the answer is. For me, this looks like a big step backwards. One thing I really liked about the "old way" is there was a lot of organization. There were different "file cabinets" that threads were in (like the stickies) , and it was easy to figure out because it was consistent.

    When I go to a forum like VCA, it just looks like a big hot mess with no organization. It looks like everything was taken out of the file cabinets, thrown on the floor and randomly put back in.

    I am one of those people that abhors clutter and this look to me is pure clutter. When I open the VCA forum, I feel like I do when I walk into my daughter's room where everything is on the floor in piles. It makes me want to turn around and leave.

    Out of everything with the new forum, this is the first thing that has tried my patience. I don't want to "follow threads" to get around this -- I used to enjoy going first page of the forum and looking at it as a whole . Like the front page of the newspaper.

    I realize you can't make everyone happy, so I understand that we may be stuck here.

    ETA: I've gone back and edited some of what I wrote, because I feel like I may be overreacting a bit here. But I was really enjoying the new forum until the stickies were unstuck. I didn't realize at the time that that is what happened. I just started feeling that things got a lot harder to deal with visually. When I discovered this thread, I realized what had happened and jumped right in.

    I am a very visual person, and for me this change has not been a good one.
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  13. +1000 with CG, also agree that TPF now looks completely disorganized. It was no nice and neat before.

    I cannot see where I am typing. Why does this happen in the app? Would love to type my complete agree,net with belle on this, it just looks like a mess. Attaching a screenshot so you can see what I see as I am typing right now.

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467037826.670494.jpg does not scroll down to the bottom of your quotes. Can't see what I'm typing.
  14. ++++1 with sbelle

    The previous sticky Hermes threads, as I recall, were mostly chat threads about broad topics (i.e., not reveals or questions) - Hermes & Celebrities, Chat, Action, Cars, etc. The stickies could also be hidden. Perhaps a new subforum to capture these would be good. Also subforums for reveals, for questions, for Closed threads. For Birkins. For Kellys.

    Anything to make it more organized - it's the second most popular (voluminous) forum on TPF. I haven't posted much but visited very frequently as I am building up my collection. Now my eyes just kind of glaze over because there's so much stuff mashed together and newish things of interest are bumped to page 2 because I'm not on it as frequently (but would be again if it were better organized).

    I realize this will perhaps make a bit more ongoing work for the mods but if the subforum titles are well chosen and the RULES are spelled out, it might make things better (for newbies as well as veterans). JMO.
  15. I wanted to add this too. I very seldom go to any of the stickied threads in the Hermes forum, but it never ever bothered me that they were there. They were never in my way.

    But, now I really miss them being stickied for several reasons:
    1) They added structure and continuity - a very good thing when you are dealing with large forums.
    2) Visually it is appealing to have different sections. Right now the H forum reminds me of the office memo someone writes where they don't use paragraphs. So it is sentence after sentence after sentence.
    3) Because I had no interest in them, it was really convenient to have them segregated. I never had to sift through them because they were contained in a separate area that I didn't visit. Now I do have to sift through them. So it is the opposite problem of someone wanting to follow those threads. I don't want to deal with them!