What Happened To The Quick Link option?

  1. I notice the Quicklink option that was above next to the search button is gone:sad: What happened to it? I also noticed we no longer have the little green or red button signifying when were online or offline.
    Anyone knows?
  2. Vlad has been working on some optimization so there are a few changes. You can see under each member's avatar if they are online or online now instead with words :yes:
  3. Info on the quick link option here.

    The status lights were replaced by text.
  4. Ooh...thanks...funny, I did a Quick Link search and nothing came up thus my post :biggrin:

    I agree with Yeux...it was a pretty nifty tool...it was so much easier than going into the control panel....too bad it's gone :sad:

    Thanks for the info.