What happened to the new lavender-esque colour for EPI???

  1. Has it arrived? Has it not? There was an old thread but no pics or descriptions ahve been added...any ideas anyone?
  2. I dont think it is out yet.
  3. My SA mentioned this yesterday. It is coming, don't know when.
  4. "Ne vous connaissez pas votre droit de votre gauche? Mais à gauche c’est À GAUCHE p*tain:cursing:!!!"

    Love it!! C'est si vrai, n'est ce pas?!
  5. Precisement! T'as vous le film Taxi avec Sammy Naceri et Marion Cotillard? C'est un moment (parmi les milliers) drollissime...;)
  6. Thanks guys...it feels like it's been a year since I've been hearing it's coming...what a wait. But at least the SA's know it's coming now. The last time I asked (June 2007) the SA looked at me like I was retarded...
  7. ooops, I just realized you were looking for EPI, not vernis...sorry:p
  8. That's ok! ;)
  9. Here you go, there are two, the darker one is Cassis and I forget the name of the other one, I'll try to find it.
  10. I think the lighter color is Pomegranate
  11. Ok, those colors are gorgeous!!!
  12. You're right, thanks halunfishie! I knew I'd read it before but couldn't remember it.
  13. Oh, LVbabydoll, these are gorgeous! Why don't I see all this new stuff on the LV website?
  14. the lighter colour is TDF... I hope it's out when I go to Toronto in February!!