What happened to the necklace?

  1. i was looking at the wood and matal pendant ont he lv site and lo when i clicked on it it doesnt have the coral attachment?!! what did they do im seriosly not interested in it if it doesnt have the coral!
    New one:
    Old one:
  2. p.s. the old one refers to the one which was on the site under the same name, the last time i went to see it was two weeks ago or so and now today I see this?! this is so upsetting this was goign to be my christmass present from my parents!
  3. well i just rang lv and the SA told me they lost my order! and it was never saved in there system! (I called about two weeks ago) the SA put me on hold and said he was goign to follow it up, i was getting ready to explode! then a diferent Sa picked up and told me it was waiting fro me at the store?! how odd is that? at least im happy that they have one she said she couldnt verify whether it has the coral or not through the system, so fingers crossed it does!
  4. wasn't there someone who wanted to know if the coral piece came off or not, maybe this new necklace can be your option?
  5. I recieved a happy email back from lv:
    "The pendant that you have seen simply seems to have been re-photographed. The pendant still includes the silver coral charm and is currently available in select boutiques. This item is currently priced at $375 USD."
    so it hasnt acctually been changed just re-photographed without the coral? why no include the charm?