What happened to the Monogram Twice

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  1. This is probably old news and I am out of the loop, but what happened to the Twice in monogram? It's no longer on the website. I loved it with the black :sad:
  2. It's been discontinued :shucks:
  3. So glad I purchased one last year then. It's such a handy bag for a night out !
  4. Oh no.... What a shame!
  5. Nowadays, if you like a bag or a color, you better purchase it fast because Louis Vuitton rotates its catalog much more often.
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  6. This bag seemed so popular, I wonder why they discontinued it? Maybe they're revamping it and it will come out with a removable strap :smile:
  7. Same question here. Three days ago I call the online 1-866 customer service to order the twice in monogram with red and she told me that no longer available and I end up order the Damier ebene and I love it!.
  8. That will be nice a removable strap. Can't wait.
  9. Are they discontinuing the empreinte as well?
  10. I don't really know.