What happened to the leather Slim Flap?

  1. I'm dying to get my hands on a legacy leather slim flap but can't find one! It's not online anymore, they haven't made it to the outlets yet and there is not even any on eBay! Where did they all go? :confused1:
  2. I know I wanted to get one a few months back and I couldn't find one anywhere! I finally just went with the Ali. Good luck!
  3. Thanks. :smile: I have an ali and I love it... but after wearing the slim flap a few times, I love it more! the Ali is just so darn big for everyday use.
  4. I hope you can find one. That's what I originally had wanted but sadly, I had no luck in finding one. But don't give up if that's what you really want!
  5. There's a used one on eBay RIGHT NOW in Whiskey . . .
  6. Really!! thanks, I'll go check it out! :smile:
  7. you should call the 1800 number... they had some a few months back in the distribution center
  8. I couldn't find it. :crybaby:
  9. I'm sorry, I looked again and I can't find it either. There was an authenticity question included in the listing. This style is rare and the stripe runs vertical instead of horizontal, which might be suspicious to some . . . perhaps it was reported as counterfeit.
  10. YES!!!! I have been eyeing that one (not for me, though, for a friend who LOVES Ali)...this bag actually give the BEST of all worlds...the brown Ali, the khaki sig Ali AND MY PERSONAL FAVORITE...the white Ali, all wrapped up into ONE beautiful bag!!!!!! Anyone who buys this is VERY lucky!!! But, I do agree w/ Entheos....take it to the authenticity thread prior to bidding! Good luck and let us know if you go for it!!!!!
  11. Yes, keep trying if you really want it. You may want to keep trying the outlets. If you can get a nice SA she might let you know when they will start getting the next big shipmentof "new items".
  12. If you call coach 800# they still have the slim flap available, I almost ordered one last week.. I think they said it came in black, whiskey, white, and camel. Good Luck!! :tup:
  13. Thanks, I'll give it a try. :smile: Now I just have to decide between black & whiskey.