What happened to the IF "Audra"? In or out

  1. It was such a big deal and now??? Mine is in a dust bag, I think I wore it 3 times and then as I'm known to do, moved on to more exciting bags - Are you guys still using yours? I feel like I got caught up in a trend that is now out. I hate when I do that.
  2. Well, one went for $1500 on ebay a week or so ago...and another for $900. I would say they are still popular. :P
  3. OMG! that's certainly interesting - I never see them anymore and I live in a pretty hot spot.
  4. I think that it is still a very unique bag. I have the one from 05 with the nameplate and the brass studs. I think that it is still in style. I do not like the newer version with the matching studs.
  5. Where are you Suzy?

    I am in Orange County, and I have only seen maybe 4 being carried in the past year. :amazed:
  6. i still carry my vintage gold audra as part of my regular handbag rotation. but its the original version with the nicer tassles and hanging name plate. i think its more "in" than the newer versions.
  7. Ummm are you sure it was IF's Audra that went for $900 or $1500?....or was it a diff't IF style that had a more expensive retail price to begin with? I've been watching the original ('05 version) IF Audras on eBay for the last couple of months and the highest I've ever seen it go for was $600+....definitely nowhere near $900 or over a grand. Now the Audra fever has died down a bit, but the bag is still retaining its value well -- a used Audra (from 2005, the brass studded version in brown -- exact same color carried by Katie Holmes) recently went for approx. $385, which was the 2005 retail price. And new ones certainly go for above retail.

    Personally I love the design and workmanship of the original '05 Audra (with the brass studs, soft pebbled leather). I have it in black (which is rarer than even the brown one) and consider it my rocker-chic bag :smile: Still use it nowadays and probably won't be selling it anytime soon. I don't like the 2006 version of the Audra though -- it just doesn't look as nice with studs of the same color as the leather; and the leather they used for 2006 is diff't -- and of a lesser quality -- than the 2005 one....and on top of that they raised the price.
  8. I'm in the Miami/South Beach/Coral Gables area - BTW I'm talking about the original Audra, not the newer version.
  9. I also have the original Audra from 2005 with the brass studs. I :love: this bag!! I live in NYC and carry the bag close to everyday since it holds so very much. Unfortunatly, over the last 2 months or so the brass studs have begun to come loose. The prongs that hold the studs into the leather are sticking out on a few of them. I am so dissapointed! I dislike the new Audras so I do not want to get a new one but when I called IF the SA was very unhelpful. She told me I had to call ADASA, which is where I bought the bag (and where IF told me to buy the bag) and see what they could do for me. I'm waiting until I get my new fendi baby spy for the summer and then I'll call them since I am pretty sure I'll have to send the bag back in. Any other suggestions from you guys would be very helpful!
  10. I actually had the courage to place mine in the marketplace! I think it is still in and like everyone has said the original is still holding it's value.

    I unfortunately am going on a Louis phase so I am willing to give it up since I really haven't been using it as much as I would like.
  11. It was indeed the brown Audra, but with the braided zipper pulls, not the original fronged tassles. Pretty close to what Suzy has style wise. I don't think the braided zipper pulls would be more "in" style than the older version tassles however...which is what I meant when I answered her question about it still being in style. :biggrin:

    I am not sure what the retail on this style was...I think it was still $385-$450, which it was priced at on NM.com ($385) today for the plain zipper pulls.


  12. Uh oh, LOL.

    Been there, done that. I recently had an opportunity to grab another one...and I did. :shame: I missed mine. LOL
  13. wow, those auctions are crazy! i love my audra but not $900 or $1,500 love it
  14. I love:love: my Audra ... I used it all throughout fall and winter! I don't think I would sell mine though since it's one of the bags that I always seem to fall back on.
  15. I also have the original Audra with the hanging nameplate. I'm in the Washington DC area and I've only a few other Audras since I purchased mine back in Fall '05.

    Anyway, I love mine but I mainly only use it on the weekends.