What happened to the "Hudson"???

  1. The "Hudson" bag was on Eluxury for a little while about 2 months back. The Hudson GM is still there. I haven't seen the Hudson since. Does anyone have any info on this bag, like has it been discontinued or something? Is it still in the stores? Thanks for any info!!!
  2. Are you talking about the one with the zipper across the front or the one with the flap closure?
  3. I was wondering the Same thing. I didn't see it at LV over here the other day either:sad: It's one of my favorites.
  4. The hudson is the one with the flap ( the smaller bag), the hudson gm is the one with the zipper.
  5. oh no.
  6. It's still available on the French LVwebsite.
  7. elux only shows what's in stock and so certain pieces may not always appear on the site.
  8. I don't think it was all that popular. It came out at the same time as the manhattans, and they seemed to take off more.
  9. It reminded me a lot of MJ's Sophia bag, which was a little over half the price. Didn't seem worth it, to me. It's a great looking bag, though.
  10. Always call 866-Vuitton. They can track anything that is still in stock down for you.
  11. Eluxury always runs out of these. They always run out of the mini accessories pouch and the leather keyrings, too.
  12. It's probably just out of stock on elux. I've not seen the Chelsea tote on there either in the last month or so I've been interested in it, but people have been getting them at the boutiques, and I've got one on order myself now.