What happened to the Gallery Totes?

  1. I really wanted one, but there are none on the Coach website anymore.. Are they discontinued?
  2. I picked one up at Lord & Taylor about a month ago - patent leather mahogany. I LOVE it! Maybe try local department stores? Nordstrom's, Macy's, L&T?

    Good Luck!
  3. Ohh...I feel the same way! I asked the same question a few days ago...I was told that they were all sent to outlets and at the outlets they were selling pretty fast. But I was also told that a new version may come out this fall.

    I have been searching eBay for DAYS now....I'm kicking myself now for not buying that one I saw a few days ago, caz on eBay the prices are REALLY going up! Everyone's BIN prices are $200-275, which I KNOW is over priced considering they got it at an outlet for $134 (around that price).

    If you have an outlet anywhere near you, I'd strongly suggest going there first because I was told they were going for around $134. Good luck finding one!
  4. They had some at my Macy's 25% off.
  5. Really?? Any idea of how long they will be there?
  6. LA, if you are looking for one I can probably check my outlet at some point this weekend and see if they have any left. I know they did when I was there last weekend.
  7. Do outlets deliever?
  8. Ok thanks everyone. Sadly, I have no outlet near me.. and I see a few on eBay that I like but they are $330! [BIN] I wasn't gonig to get one yet, probably in March, but ohwell, I guess it wasn't meant for me to have one.

    Does anyone know about the tattersall wristlet? Is that no longer available?
  9. my macys had them for half off
  10. oh and macys ships to anywhere in the country.. i would call randomm macys and ask them if they have it, they will ship it to you, and if you have a macys card u basically get free shipping 12 times a year and up!
  11. I got mine at Woodbury fot $135 last Saturday!
  12. That is an AMAZING idea! So if we wanted to call ANY Macy*s, they will ship a gallery tote to us? Hm...I'm gonna try that!
  13. Okay, just did the math and if you were to do that, the bag would still cost $246...so I dunno. I just wish outlets shipped. :sad:
  14. Does anyone know the style number to the largest gallery tote, the one that is like 16"long and retailed for $398? I saw one on ebay.. but she didnt know the style #
  15. I'm new here.. But I was wondering also what the biggest tote is.. basically needing it for a diaper bag..

    I think I might head to our Macys. But being in the sticks everything is always picked over