what happened to the ebay suggestions thread?

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  1. errrrm, yup, what happened? did i miss something? i was going to post an auction i saw on eBay for a cannage wallet which i thought some PFers here might want to check out but saw that the thread was locked.

    as far as i know, i know that the rules state "Public selling/buying/trading is not permitted. Threads of WTS or WTB nature will be locked or deleted" but i should think it doesn't *exactly* break any rules since the other subforums have a similar thread (i.e. "authentic -insertwhateverlabel- finds/sellers") and the dior eBay suggestions thread was no different.

    pardon me if this sounds like i'm questioning authority (it's not supposed to sound like that. :push:smile: i'm just puzzled about the sudden lock that's all. :yes:
  2. Oh my gosh! I didn't even realize it was locked (I didn't check it today). I would also like to know the reason why, because as far as I'm concerned every link that was posted was posted by a PFer (such as our lovely Zerodross) who wasn't the seller of the item. And the bags posted are authentic, too.

    The Ebay suggestions thread is such a good resource. People get access to rare Dior finds (especially those with low buy-it-now prices) and also low starting bid auction prices.

    I'm just confused:confused1:
  3. Maybe the mods are trying to move the thread into a "Dior Shopping" thread right below the Authenticate This thread?
  4. I didn't lock it but am trying to find out why is was closed. . .
    If I can't get an answer soon, I'll reopen it, usually there's a good reason:yes:
  5. Thanks a million Swanky! :nuts:
  6. :confused1: i don't see a "dior shopping" thread. :sad:

    but i reckon you're right, i would think the mods probably are cleaning up the dior subforum a little by properly having a stickied shopping thread instead. :yes:

    oooh, having said that, could we also request for the mods to sticky the "authentication tips" thread? (i know, i'm a demanding PFer :rolleyes:)
  7. :smile: thanks swanky for helping us find out why.
  8. I'm all up for this too!!!
  9. How about I start a new thread specifically for people to post great authentic Dior finds and sticky it? The old one's title was a little confusing I thought. . .
    Also, linke the thread you want stickied, I'll look at it:yes:
  10. just my .02 but aren't Ebay shopping tips the same as "authenticate this". At least, that is what that thread looked like.
  11. L, it's more of a "here's an authentic Dior you may be looking for!" kinda thread.
    Most Forums have it, or at least Chanel has one, it stays sort of busy and people can shop via the thread:yes:

  12. NP :shame: - but, I am the one who reported it since it was turning into an "authenticate this" thread and there is allready one of those here.

    Maybe someone should just start a new thread for the intended purpose? :smile:
  13. thanks swanky, for unlocking the thread and all the help generally! :flowers:

    i think you have a point there loganz, i guess we should start a thread with a more appropriate title for those authentic ebay finds.
  14. I can change the title, but the thread will still function the same.
    It's not an Authenticate This! thread because there's no questions, it's a "Hey, this IS authentic if you want it!" thread:yes:
    I can change the title, but there's no need to start a new one as one already exists.
    If people are asking questions, then we need to just remind them where to ask.