what happened to the "contact seller" link??

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  1. i thought i was having a problem with firefox so i checked in IE and it is not there either!:confused1::tdown:
  2. its at the bottom of the page... click on the "Ask a question" links, its right before the page counter
  3. Ebay moved it towards the bottom of the page right under

    "Questions and answers about this item". It's now "Ask a question" highlighted in blue
  4. Oops! Amelia21 already answered this... :smile:
  5. thank you both so much!!!!:biggrin:
  6. This move was allegedly to encourage buyers to read the whole listing before asking a question. Kinda doubt it will work, but hey... we'll see!
  7. well it had the opposite effect for me - i ALWAYS read the entire listing but when they don't know to list the measurments of a bag because it is important and i have to search to try and find a way to ask them now - i didn't even want to bother with it anymore!! it's already bad enough when you have sellers that give those two wonderful sentence descriptions - great bag that i got as a gift! need to clean out my closet - my loss is your gain!"
  8. I hate where the new link is, I'd rather have it where I can use it, as often the only reason I'm looking for it is because it's not already answered by the seller.
  9. SO true... :roflmfao:
  10. I can't stand where the link is now. I liked it better before, so much easier to see.
  11. ^^ Exactly, it took me a few minutes yesterday to locate it.
  12. yup i thought i was crazy yesturday. I have noticed many less questions on my items tho LOL
  13. Was looking on 'buyer settings' on ebay today and apparently, as a seller, you can hide this link from anyone who is on your blocked bidder list so they can't contact you with a question!
  14. I had this problem the other day.
    I almost gave up as I really was short on time, also they changed the add to watch list too I saw it is slightly different.
    Changing things is very off putting IMO, like when my local Trader Joe rearranges things, why do they do that, it just gives people a headache?