What happened to the 1 minute ago thingy??

  1. Now it is just dates... I have to sit here and think about it now LoL! Is Vlad tinkering again?! :idea:
  2. I see dates and time- COOL!!
  3. I know I'm all "okay what time is it where they are, and how many minutes ago did someone post" Maybe they're trying to keep our brain active while on TPF! lol
  4. i was wondering that as well. It helps me know how far back in threads I need to go. As I don't recall from one day to the next what I have actually seen.
  5. I liked the old format ...too much thinking for me ;op
  6. it's just dates and time to me too :crybaby:
    i kinda miss the "__minutes thing"
  7. I really liked the old "X minutes/hours/days ago" format. :crybaby:
  8. I miss the minutes thing too. :sad:
  9. i noticed that this morning, i actually thought i was going crazy. :P
  10. I like the old format too. I am on west coast and I have to add 3 hrs to everything to figure out what time something was really posted in my time frame.
  11. i much prefer the old format as well =(
  12. Sheesh!! Well I like the old way tooo! Too much work this way LOL!
  13. Haha... there is a thread about people wanting it the new way in the feedback section!!! I will ask him... I personally like the minutes too, but that is just me, and the rest of you :roflmfao:
  14. i'm on the west coast too, but it automatically displays PST....maybe there's a setting you need to fill out?
  15. LOL me too! i thought, woah, where have i been?