what happened to renato?


Dec 31, 2006
i haven't gotten his emails in along time and just found out he's no longer working at MM. does anyone know what happened? he seemed like a great SA.


addicted to chanel <3
Dec 14, 2008
land of chanel
honestly, i'm quite peeved with renato. he told me that the peggy one shoulder mughetto is a old season color and they will never make one in the matt leather mughetto form anymore. so i bought it from him early this year, even tho the bag was made say 2008? around there i can't remb

den my colleague told me she saw the same bag in MIUMIU SG, same color, same finishing! i was so pissed, i paid 7% tax, and fedex shipping US$75 and so the bag cost me much more than if i bought in SG! worse is, it's made more recently than the one i got for more exp!

some slight leather stain/dye and he told me, that can't be avoided cos the leather used is natural and it comes with it. WTF?